15 Unique Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

Every party has its own cast of characters and sometimes it’s impossible to find something for everyone. I enjoy shopping (and a challenge) so I scoured the internet for some of the best DnD gift items out there. This list includes items that you won’t find in just any store and I’m excited to say there’s something here for everyone, even the most eccentric wizard.

1. Misty Mountain Gaming Dice Sets

Misty Mountain Gaming offers a large selection of dice sets from glass, to bone, to resin. This is the perfect gift for your local dice hoarder. There’s something on their site for everyone’s tastes and everyone’s wallets. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on all their dice sets! Whether you’re a moon elf to a drunken bard, they will have a set that perfectly suits your character.

2. Heroes and Villians Apparel

Heroes and Villians is obviously a favorite of mine if you have read any of my other gift guides. They offer exceptional quality clothing and accessories with designs you are guaranteed not to find anywhere else. Their Dungeons and Dragons collection is the perfect way to incorporate your passion into your everyday style.

3. Dungeons and Doggies

Dungeons and Doggies offers a one-of-a-kind role-playing experience. These tail-wagging sets offer some of your favorite dog breeds as fifth edition classes. They come unpainted so that you can choose whatever coloration you like and add it yourself. Use them as a familiar, party member, or turn your whole party into puppies!

4. C4Labs Gaming Acessories

Guaranteed to be the envy of other players, the accessories from C4Labs are mostly wooden and offer utility as well as style for game night. Protect your tables and order a set of coasters or a dice tray that offer a multitude of designs and accent colors.

5. Heroes’ Feast (Dungeons & Dragons): The Official D&D Cookbook

Geeks love to cook too — well, some of them at least. Dare I say that this cookbook will make even the most uninterested cook turn into the dungeon master of feasts! This is a staple in my home and the Elven Bread is to die for. I love making the appetizers and bringing them to game nights as well.

6. DBL Feature Notepads

If you have a member in your party who’s always forgetting things or asking questions, I just might have the solution for you. These notepads have 50 sheets, are double sided, and are the perfect way to stay organized so you’re not distracted for your game. DBL offers these handy notepads in all of these categories: Initiative, Character, NPC, Spell Tracker & Spell, Hex Grid, Items and Weapons. They also have other adorable DnD-inspired merch, so check that out while you’re there!

7. Crow Crown Studio Character Journal

This journal is enchanting to look at, but the inside contains everything you need to keep your character’s information together. There’s literally a spot for everything plus a notes section for you to keep up with campaign events. You can even order a set for everyone in your party! I’m guessing you can see I’m a sucker for organization, but guess what? Nothing is worse than being pulled out of the game because you can’t find your crap!

8. Ceramic Dice Pen Cup

Everyone needs a place to store all the pens they use on game nights. If not, they get lost or roll off the table nonstop. I know we’ve all been guilty of using a spare cup, but the time for that random cup has come to an end. This D20 pen cup is a magnificent way to store your pens while staying in theme, and even if you don’t keep pens in it, you can set it on a shelf and it will be just as awesome.

9. Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

Hero Forge offers customers their own 3D printed custom miniature where you can make any race and class you want. Your imagination is the limit and considering we’re all tabletop gamers here, your imagination should be pretty darn good! This is the perfect gift for gamers who have special characters that are hard to find, or really just for anyone who loves their character enough to have a miniature of them.

10. Soap Dice

Yes, I put soap on the list, and no, I’m not kidding. This isn’t just any soap though — this soap, much like a gelatinous cube, has secrets inside. Pick your class-based scent because hidden inside of this lovely prison is a full set of dice! This is a great gift for anyone but especially for that one player who will do anything for another set of dice. Time to play the long game! I personally want to put one of these at the DM’s house and whoever frees a die when they wash their hands gets to keep it!

11. Xanathar POP Figure

This limited edition POP comes with its own gold D20 that features the DnD logo. This is the perfect gift for the collector in your party who loves to display their fandom. They are sure to appreciate the piece as it’s a limited summer 2021 convention run and will be hard to find in the future. Plus who wouldn’t want to stare at Xanathar’s beautiful face every day?

12. Initiative Doormat

This doormat is going to ensure that everyone who enters your house knows exactly what kind of geek you are. It’s perfect for anyone who frequently hosts game night or just wants to have a clever doormat. I have said it before, but doormats are always a good gift because they add tons of personality to your home, but also get replaced frequently. Every home needs one so you might as well have one that expresses your interests and personality while also making your bad rollers nervous.

13. Double-Sided Game Mats

These double-sided game mats are exactly what gamers need to make their tabletop adventure engaging and organized. Since they’re double-sided, you get 6 maps instead of 3, featuring all different environments to fit wherever you have ended up in your campaign. The mats are laminated, making it where you can draw directly on them with dry-erase markers and just wipe it off when you’re done. These make the game so much smoother and player-friendly.

14. Condition Markers

If you’re using miniatures, then this is the perfect gift for anyone you know who frequently puts themself in danger. Just kidding, well kind of, they are actually useful for everyone! This set comes with conditions such as blessed, poisoned, and stunned. They make keeping track of your party extra fun and easy so you don’t have to be distracted from the role play. Each condition tracker comes with multiple markers and is color-coordinated so it’s easy to tell exactly who has been affected by what.

15. Düngeonmeister: A Drink Masters Guide

It may depend on your party, but I know some of us love to get a little boozy on game nights. Well, this is hands down the perfect way to do that while staying in theme. This book features 75 unique cocktail recipes inspired by different aspects of the game such as class and monsters. Each recipe is entertaining to read and easy to follow, even for the most amateur of mixers. You can also serve these to your non-geeky friends and they will never suspect you’re giving them incognito geek fuel.

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