Geekstrology Horoscopes: May 2023

Astrology and horoscopes for geeks and gamers! Make the most of your quests and campaigns with this astrological guide to gaming in the month of May. 

And, of course, May the 4th be with you!


The House of Aries will find itself in the company of dragons this month as the Dragon joins forces with you on the 4th. (That’s right — the 4th will be with you.) Harness its power wisely, and you may find yourself with a powerful ally in your campaigns. Beware, however, of the dragon’s dual nature, for it may bring conflict as well as assistance. The Mother of the Fey visits your Gemini allies on the 4th, so you may find that your fortunes intertwine with theirs this month. Keep an eye on your friends, as their victories may bring you fortune, too. Use this time to strengthen bonds and alliances.

Metallic red dice will be especially lucky for you this month.

Avoid any encounters with doppelgangers.


The House of Taurus is favored in May, as both the Celestial and the Herald grace your skies on the 1st. This powerful duo will bring fame and fortune to your house, making your campaigns successful and your exploits legendary. The Seer visits on the 9th, providing insight into the future and granting a significant advantage on perception checks. The Dragon arrives on the 16th, bringing even more power and the possibility of new allies. However, remember that dragons can be as unpredictable as they are powerful, so tread carefully.

Gold and silver dice are your allies this month.

Beware of overconfidence in your dealings with dragons.


The Mother of the Fey visits the House of Gemini on the 4th, bringing with her a wave of unpredictability and adventure. (May the 4th be with you.) The month will be full of surprises and twists, so keep your wits about you and prepare to adapt. On the 21st, the Celestial moves into your house, illuminating the path forward and granting advantage on charisma-based rolls. Use this time to forge new alliances and strengthen your party.

Dice with iridescent swirls will be especially lucky for you this month.

Steer clear of any encounters involving cursed items.


House of Cancer, the Mother of the Fey visits you on the 7th, bringing with her a touch of magic and whimsy. Embrace her presence and use her gifts to your advantage in your campaigns. The Void flows over your house on the 15th, a potent force that could be harnessed for great power or great destruction. Choose wisely, for the consequences of your actions could have lasting effects on your party.

Dice with a pearlescent finish will bring good fortune this month.

Be cautious when dealing with creatures from the Shadowfell.


The Mother of the Fey joins your friendly House of Gemini on the 4th, bringing the full power of the 4th to any new alliances or parties you choose to forge on this auspicious day. Later this month, the Void arrives in the House of Leo on the 20th, bringing both mystery and potential. This cosmic force can be a double-edged sword, granting power and opportunity but also attracting darker forces. Stay vigilant and be mindful of the choices you make, for they may have lasting consequences.

Marbled, dark-colored dice will be lucky for you this month.

Avoid any encounters with creatures that have a petrifying gaze.


The House of Virgo will find itself in a quieter month compared to its neighboring houses, which will likely come as a relief. Enjoy it while you can. Although your campaigns may not be as exciting, this is an excellent time to focus on honing your skills, selling off any overstocked loot, loading up on supplies, and preparing for the next harrowing adventure. Strengthen your bonds with your party members, as they may become crucial allies in the future.

Earth-toned dice will be your lucky charm this month.

Exercise caution when dealing with magical portals.


May is a month of steady progress for the House of Libra. If you’ve been working on an epic, grueling campaign, these are the weeks in which you’ll finally start to harvest the fruits of your labor. While you may not experience a whirlwind of fortune all at once, your path forward is clear and your party remains strong. Use this time to focus on your goals and keep your eyes on the prize. This month, it’s all about persistence and determination.

Swirling shades of blue and white dice will be lucky for you this month.

Be wary of any encounters with mind-controlling creatures.


House of Scorpio, the Merchant vanishes from your skies on the 5th, but do not be disheartened. Though your financial fortunes may be less bountiful this month, you still have the power to forge ahead and create your own opportunities. Use this time to hone your skills and strategize for future campaigns. If you have the opportunity to quest for glory rather than gold, take it. The Merchant is merely hidden, not absent. By focusing on good deeds, your rewards may be greater than you expect.

Dark, mysterious dice with hints of green will serve you well this month.

Avoid encounters with undead creatures, especially vampires.


For the House of Sagittarius, May is a month of exploration and discovery. Follow the path less traveled, and you may uncover secrets and rewards that others have overlooked. Be cautious, however, as the unknown also brings with it danger and uncertainty. Keep your party close and rely on their strengths to see you through any challenges — and be sure to roll those perception checks early and often. 

Dice with shades of purple and silver will be your lucky talismans this month.

Approach any encounters with extraplanar beings with caution.


The month of May brings a welcome sense of balance and stability to the House of Capricorn. Use this time to regroup, rest, and strategize for the adventures that await. Strengthen the bonds with your party members, and make sure that everyone is prepared for the trials and tribulations that may lie ahead. Better yet, consider forging new partnerships when the Siren visits your traditional allies, the House of Pisces, promising strong magnetism in the power of the 4th.

Dice with cool shades of gray and white will be your lucky charms this month.

Avoid overconfidence when dealing with magical traps and illusions.


The Deceiver turns its attention to the House of Aquarius on the 1st, bringing both opportunity and risk. You may find yourself more adept at deception and trickery than usual, but also more vulnerable to the machinations of others. Be cautious of whom you trust, and double-check your allies’ intentions. Trust your instincts and use your newfound cunning to your advantage.

Dice with shifting shades of blue and green will bring luck this month.

Stay vigilant around creatures that rely on deception, such as rakshasas.


The Summoner joins the House of Pisces on the 12th, bringing a veritable parade of unique and unexpected encounters. Be prepared to face challenges both great and small as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your adventures. The Siren’s visit on the 4th will lend an air of charm and allure to your dealings with others, making it easier for you to sway hearts and minds. (Like the House of Aries, the 4th will be with you.)

Dice with watery hues of turquoise and sea green will be your lucky companions this month.

Be cautious when dealing with creatures that manipulate time and space.