Lord of the Rings Collar

Geeky Gifts for Your Pets

This holiday many of us are not only shopping for friends and family but also for our pets (so okay, still family). I myself have a cat, dog, ball python, and bearded dragon at home so it is safe to say that finding something nerdy for all of them is not an easy task. I have decided to make your life a little easier and share some of my best finds while online shopping with you fellow geeks. Tell your pets I said, “You’re welcome.”

1. D20 Cat Toy

Gray cat with D20 cat toy.

This toy is the perfect way to let your cat join in on your tabletop adventures. Get them a character sheet and let them roll! It even has a bell inside and comes in multiple colors. What role will your cat play next game night?

2. Gameboy Inspired Scratch Toy

Retro Game boy Cat Scratch toy.

This scratcher for your cat is the perfect handheld gaming system to inspire those retro vibes. Now your cat can pretend they’ve got to catch them all, and by that I mean they will spend hours batting the ball around inside of it. 

3. Demon Slayer Pet Collar

Anime Demon Slayer Dog Collar

This collar fits both cats and dogs and all the anime fans will know exactly what character is their favorite. There are patterns to match most of the main characters and inspire your pet to slay some demons!

4. Star Wars Feeding Bowl

Retro logo Star Wars bowl for food or water.

This bowl has such a classic look to it and it’s a great way to celebrate your fandom with a very practical item. This bowl is great for cats and dogs and features images of the Star Wars logo on both the inside and sides of the dish.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pet Carrier

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van pet carrier.

Everyone loved watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because it’s a great series for both a kid and an adult. Walking into the groomers’ or vets’ office with your pet in this carrier is guaranteed to get you some nerdy bonus points! Cowabunga!

6. AT-AT Walker Tank Accessory

ATAT walker tank decoration.

This tank decoration comes in both 9 and 6 inches tall and would look amazing in just about any habitat, from fish to reptile. Your pet will feel like they are exploring Endor and who wouldn’t want to do that?

7. Hogwarts Tags

Hogwarts houses pet ID tags.

These name tags are the ideal way to share your house pride whether you and your pet are in the same house or not! So grab the Sorting Hat and then choose your color scheme and pattern for a custom ID tag!

8. Pet Naruto Holiday Sweater

Naruto ramen orange and black sweater.

During the holidays there are so many adorable sweaters that your pet can wear but do they have one of your favorite anime characters on them? This Naruto sweater will make your furry friend stand out and you crave ramen.

9. Disney Dog Treats

Disney dog dental treats featuring Jack, Zero, Mickey and Pluto.

Everyone who has been through an emo phase or likes unconventional holiday movies loves The Nightmare Before Christmas. These dental treats feature Zero, Jack, Mikey, and Pluto. They are a lovely way for both you and your dog to enjoy those movies!

10. PokeBall Carrier Backpack

Pokemon Poke ball pet carrier backpack.

This backpack is a great way to let your nerd flag fly in public. Your pet will be the star of the show and look like your latest catch in this carrier. With it, you can take your cat or small dog for an outdoor adventure and explore the Kanto region together.

11. Marvel Comics Spiderman Bed

This bed is ideal for comfort and style. What could be more luxurious than letting your pet feel like a superhero as they sleep? BoxLunch also offers a Captain America bed or a Wonder Woman and Superman bed if you’re more of a DC fan.

12. Stormtrooper Puzzle Toy

Storm trooper puzzle toy for dogs.

All dogs need to exercise their brains sometimes and having a puzzle toy is a great way to make sure that happens. This toy features a hot cocoa mug with Stormtrooper marsh mellows hidden inside. Your dog will assist the Jedi in taking these menaces down (taking them out of the Death Star).

13. Lord of the Rings Collar

Engraved dog collar inspired by Lord of the Rings.

If you are into high fantasy look no further, this leather collar features the same script as the One Ring. It is high quality and adds a level of old-world elegance that will make you the envy of the dog park. You will have the perfect excuse to call your dog “my precious.”

14. Halo Sword Rope Toy

Halo energy sword for dogs.

If gaming is your thing don’t let your dog miss out! They are guaranteed to one-shot you every time with this overpowered energy sword. This toy is ideal for tug of war and you can both train for the release of the new game in December 2021. Before you know it your dog will be barking “get recked noob.”

15. Sailor Moon Cat Collar

Classic Sailor Moon costume/ collar for cats.

We couldn’t let the dogs have all the fun with the themed collars. This Sailor Moon collar not only features a red bow, but also a tiny blue sailor cape. The details of the gemstones in the middle make this collar exquisite! Your cat can wear this for costume or everyday use and use its powers to save the universe or eat some bread.

16. Viking Treat Dispenser

Tough chewer viking treat toy for dogs.

It doesn’t matter if you like history or DnD this toy falls under both categories. This toy has the classic double horn helmet and let’s be honest we’ve all had at least one guy in our party wear one of these. While you love it because of the way it looks your dog will love it because it dispenses treats. This is just as much a gift for you because it will keep him busy while you’re rewatching Vikings or if it’s game night.

17. Millennium Falcon Cat Toy

Mini Millennium Falcon string toy for cats.

As pet owners (or parents) we like to tell our pets to shoot for the stars, but why shoot for the stars when you can shoot for the Millennium Falcon. My cat is an absolute sucker for toys like this and they keep us both entertained for extended periods of time. Your cat will undoubtedly love destroying the Millennium Falcon as much as it enjoys knocking your things over.

18. Ice Dragon Reptile Costume

Ice dragon costume for bearded dragons.

How dare you think that I forgot the reptiles. While it was hard to find something perfect for all you lizard lovers, I think I have found just the thing. This costume will turn your Lizard into the magnificent dragon that it was meant to be, and if you’re feeling rebellious you can set him on the table with all your miniatures and see who survives (please don’t actually do this, it’s dangerous).

19. Groot Air Bubbler

Adorable baby Groot tank bubbler.

This is just about the most adorable tank accessory I could possibly find. Groot is ready to befriend all of your tank companions and provide bubbles while doing so. Your fish will love him, you will love him, and every time you see him you will unconsciously say “I am Groot.”

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