Why I’m Excited About Leigh Bardugo’s New Graphic Novel

Leigh Bardugo just announced The Demon in the Wood, a graphic novel about the Darkling’s life before we ever meet him. Whether you watch the show or you’ve read all the books this should be exciting to you!

So I have to preface by saying I am in fact a super fan of this series. I’ve read all of the books multiple times and watched the series on Netflix I even got to join a zoom call with her in celebration of the show. This book will technically fall under the Shadow and Bone trilogy which is the first of the Grishaverse series. With the Darkling being one of the most loved and hated characters of the Grishaverse universe fans begged to know more about him and Queen Bardugo has blessed us.

When I saw the cover I was blown away by how stunning the artwork is, and my heart might just burst with joy when I finally get to look at the inside.

In the books, we get some hints about the life he has led before, but his youth is hardly ever talked about in any detail. The show also gave us a rare glimpse at the Darkling’s life before the books, however, this is not a part of the books so the majority of the fandom does not consider it to be canon. The Demon in the Wood is already a short story by her published in 2014 but does not have visual references so this will add elements to the universe we have undoubtedly not seen before.

This is not her first time diving into the world of graphic novels, as she previously worked on Wonder Woman: Warbringer a graphic novel that she worked on with Louise Simonson (Adapted by), Kit Seaton (Illustrator). For The Demon in the Wood will be working with a new team, Dani Pendergast (Illustrator), Kyla Vanderklugt (Adapted by), to bring to us the story of The Darkling and his mother. 

She has also written various other novellas and spin-offs from the Grishaverse novels including The Language of Thorns and The Lives of Saints.

Leigh Bardugo has described it on her own author website as:

“Before he led Ravka’s Second Army, before he created the Fold, and long before he became the Darkling, he was just a lonely boy burdened by an extraordinary power.”

Eryl and his mother, Lena, have spent their entire lives on the run. But they will never find a safe haven. They are not only Grisha— they are the deadliest and the rarest of their kind. Feared by those who wish to destroy them and hunted by those who would exploit their gifts, they must hide their true abilities wherever they go. But sometimes deadly secrets have a way of revealing themselves . . .”

I am so excited to learn more about this character, as one of the best-written villains (in my humble opinion) hopefully it will give some insight to why he develops into what we see during the series. 
If you’re just as excited as me here are a few of the places to preorder Demon in the Wood which comes out September 27, 2022, and Leigh Bardugo’s author website.

Leigh Bardugo’s Author Website | Amazon | BAM!