9 Gifts for Cosplayers

Here are 9 gifts that any cosplayer will enjoy, from the casual to the professional. Once again, I’m here to help make shopping easy for you whether it’s the holidays or someone’s birthday. I’m a cosplayer known online as Embertay and I enjoy shopping and making lists so you don’t have to!

1. Surebonder High-Temperature Glue Gun

Every cosplayer’s best friend is hot glue. It’s one of the most versatile tools of all time, with uses from wig styling to armor making.

That’s why you need the best hot glue gun and glue sticks. Surebonder has glue that will bond to nearly any surface, and a variety of glue guns to choose from that sort your needs. They even have detailed interchangeable tips for their glue guns so you can make your designs or get into tight spaces.

2. Gingher 8 Inch Spring Action Dressmaker Shears

This pair of scissors is one of the best gifts you can get as a seamstress. They make cutting fabric feel like cutting through butter. That is especially useful with the types of fabrics we find ourselves working with so often. Plus they last forever and have a full lifetime warranty.

Even if your cosplayer isn’t primarily a sewer, there are fabric elements in most costumes, and therefore they are bound to use and enjoy them.

3. Cosplay Tutorial Books by Kamui Cosplay

One thing that every cosplayer can agree on, is that you are always learning something new. That’s why books like Kamui Cosplay’s tutorial books are great for beginners and seasoned cosplayers alike.

If you know that they specifically want to learn more about armor, pattern making, and wig styling, she has an entire series of books to shop from. There are also other cosplayers who make great tutorial books such as Kinpatsu Cosplay and Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay.

4. Precision Cutter Hobby Knife Set

Odds are that your cosplayer has one, two, or even three of these already, especially if they make a lot of armor. So why add it to the list? It’s because this kit is an improvement. You can easily travel everything in this case, and sharpen your blades so they last much longer. It also comes with so many different blades that you can find one for any project, not to mention that it’s pink!

5. Cosplayer T-Shirt

If you don’t want to get your cosplayer any materials or tools, you can get them this fun t-shirt to represent what type of cosplayer they are. They come in a variety of options and colors, so you can find one that suits anyone you may be shopping for.

They are super comfortable and can be worn to craft in, at cons, or just for casual everyday wear. They are also unisex and come in a large size range.

6. SKS Prop and Costume Supply Craft Foam

Foam seems like a silly gift for anyone but a cosplayer. if you give this to any armor-making cosplayer it’s going to be better than a bundle of roses in their eyes. Foam is always handy, and never expires so even if they aren’t using it in their current project, they are sure to get around to it.

It’s also great to have some handy for those last-minute cosplans, or to avoid waiting for shipping. SKS makes some of the most high-quality foam on the market and ships it right to your doorstep.

7. Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

If you want to get something that your cosplayer is guaranteed to use, buy them a 3D printer. Once they have one they will wonder how they ever lived without one. This beginner printer won’t break the bank and is super easy to assemble and use.

Once your cosplayer gets comfortable with the printer too you can always buy them upgrades and add-ons for it in the future as other gifting options.

8. Wig Stand

One thing almost every cosplay features is a wig. Wig styling has become ever more prominent with large extravagant wigs making waves in the community. Now having the proper tools to style them makes the job so much easier.

This bundle features not only a wig head but the stand to style it on among other small tools and a carrying case that you are sure to need, especially if you last minute need to do some styling at the convention.

9. Joann’s Gift Card

Last, but not least Joann’s gift cards. They make great gifts because sometimes you don’t know what your cosplayer already has. Plus, even if they don’t need tools you always need something from the craft store, so you can help make their next cosplay a little cheaper.