Hazbin Hotel Quiz: Which Character Are You? + Hazbin DiSC & Myers-Briggs

Diving into the Dynamic Personalities of “Hazbin Hotel” Characters: A Myers-Briggs and DiSC Analysis

“Hazbin Hotel,” the breakout adult animated series created by Vivienne Medrano, popularly known as VivziePop, has captivated audiences with its unique blend of dark humor, heartfelt moments, and a colorful cast of characters trying to find redemption in Hell.

Each character not only brings their own flair to the hotel but also embodies distinct personality traits that can be fascinatingly analyzed through the lenses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the DiSC Assessment.

Let’s embark on an entertaining and insightful exploration of what makes these characters tick, shedding light on their deeper motivations and how they navigate their infernal world. Then take our quiz to see what one you are!

Charlie: The Optimistic Visionary

Charlie's default outfit from Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ENFJ (The Protagonist) – Charlie’s boundless enthusiasm, empathy, and unwavering belief in the redemption of souls epitomize the ENFJ personality. Her ability to inspire and motivate others aligns with the natural leadership qualities of Protagonists.
  • DiSC: Influence – With her infectious optimism and persuasive charm, Charlie fits perfectly into the Influence category, using her charisma to sway even the most cynical of Hell’s denizens toward her cause.

Vaggie: The Passionate Protector

Charlie's default outfit from Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ISFJ (The Defender) – As Charlie’s steadfast partner and the hotel’s voice of reason, Vaggie’s protective nature and commitment to those she loves reflect the ISFJ personality. Her practicality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a true Defender.
  • DiSC: Steadiness – Embodying reliability and supportiveness, Vaggie’s role in the hotel and her relationship with Charlie showcase the Steadiness trait, providing a calm anchor in the chaos of Hell.

Angel Dust: The Flirtatious Rebel

Angel Dust's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ESTP (The Entrepreneur) – Angel Dust’s love for excitement, adaptability, and directness mirrors the ESTP personality type. Always in search of the next thrill, he embodies the adaptable and spontaneous spirit of Entrepreneurs.
  • DiSC: Dominance – His boldness and readiness to take action, often without fear of the consequences, align with the Dominance category, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Alastor: The Charismatic Enigma

Alastor's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ENTJ (The Commander) – Alastor’s strategic mind, commanding presence, and charisma make him a natural ENTJ. His enjoyment in taking charge and making plans reveals a leader who thrives on challenge and order.
  • DiSC: Dominance – Alastor exhibits Dominance through his desire to exert control and influence over his environment, all while maintaining his mysterious allure.

Husk: The Cynical Loner

Husk's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ISTP (The Virtuoso) – Husk’s pragmatic, detached demeanor and ability to adapt to his surroundings on a dime highlight the ISTP personality. Virtuosos like him prefer to keep things straightforward and avoid unnecessary drama.
  • DiSC: Compliance – His preference for solitude and a no-nonsense approach to life reflects the Compliance trait, valuing independence and expertise over social standing.

 Niffty: The Energetic Optimist

Niffty's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ESFP (The Entertainer) – Niffty’s boundless energy, cheerfulness, and love for making others happy are classic traits of the ESFP personality. Entertainers like her bring light and life to even the darkest corners of Hell.
  • DiSC: Influence – Her sociability and ability to spread joy make Niffty a perfect example of the Influence category, using her positivity to affect those around her.

Sir Pentious: The Ambitious Inventor

Sir Pentious' default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: ENTP (The Debater) – With his innovative mind and love for a challenge, Sir Pentious embodies the ENTP personality. Debaters like him are driven by a desire to prove their intellect and prowess, often through complex schemes.
  • DiSC: Dominance – His ambition and determination to be recognized for his genius place him firmly in the Dominance category, always plotting his next big move.

Cherri Bomb: The Fearless Adventurer

Cherri Bomb's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.

MBTI: ESTP (The Entrepreneur) – Cherri Bomb’s fearless nature, love for action, and adaptability showcase the ESTP personality. Like Angel Dust, she thrives on excitement and living in the moment.

DiSC: Dominance – Her boldness and disregard for the rules highlight a dominant personality, unafraid to carve her own path and stand up to any challenge.

Lucifer: The Regal Leader

Lucifer's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.

MBTI: INFP (The Idealist) – As the king of Hell, Lucifer’s thoughtfulness, vision for his domain, and introverted demeanor are indicative of the INFP personality. Like Charlie, he wants to make the world a better place.

DiSC: Conscientiousness – Lucifer tends to look at Hell analytically, making decisions based on observations. His goal is to maintain stability while remaining as hands-off as possible.

Emily: The Compassionate Guide

Emily's default outfit in Hazbin Hotel.
  • MBTI: INFJ (The Advocate) – Emily, though less is known about her, seems to embody the INFJ personality with her empathy, depth, and idealism. Advocates like her are driven by a desire to help others and make a meaningful difference.
  • DiSC: Steadiness – Her compassionate nature and tendency towards understanding and support suggest the Steadiness category, providing a guiding light with patience and kindness.

By exploring the “Hazbin Hotel” characters through MBTI and DiSC, we gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse personalities that make the series so engaging. Each character’s unique traits not only add to the rich tapestry of the show but also reflect the complex nature of redemption, leadership, and personal growth.

Whether you’re a commanding ENTJ like Alastor or a supportive ISFJ like Vaggie, there’s a place for you in the infernal halls of the Hazbin Hotel, where every demon has a chance to shine.