An easy to build graveyard to add to your island.

Top 17 Goth Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers To Get for Your Island

I have been obsessed with giving my New Horizon island a theme and being the Halloween-loving person I am, I decided to make a list of the best goth Animal Crossing characters. I’m using the word goth rather loosely here as an umbrella term for alternative, emo, gothic, etc. I just wanted a creepy, spooky island full of dark, edgy animals. 

1. Agnes

Agnes is what you could call a kawaii goth. She wears pink but don’t let that steer you away from her. She has one of the best furniture items, which is a black rose chair. She also has perfectly solemn sayings such as “You reap what you sow.” She will add an interesting touch to your island by bringing a new type of goth to town.

Agnes' lack of a smile is the perfect pretext for what is to come.

2. Bella

Bella may be a peppy type villager but she is full of angst. Her catchphrase is even “eeks” which will be perfectly suited for your spooky island. She already looks just like a punk rocker with her band-style tee and black-tipped ears.

Bella is ready to attend a MCR concert with her graphic tee on.

3. Biskit

Do you know that striped sweater in every alternative kids’ closet? Well, Biskit wears his on his ears and tail! This character has a more hip style, making him easy to mold into the perfect e-boy. His house may be a log cabin, but he’ll make up for it with his huge, blank eyes and heavy eyeliner.

Biskit's striped ears and galaxy tee reminds us of every 2000's emo boy.

4. Cherry

Cherry already fits the alternative look with piercings, dark eye makeup, and her spiderweb shirt. Her house is black and red, making it an easy match for the rest of your goth village. Her personality is sisterly, so even though she may look edgy, she will soon be your best friend.

I am jealous of Cherry's spiderweb skirt and ear piercings.

5. Cole

At first, Cole may not seem like a good fit for your village with his tangerine top, but that can be easily fixed. Cole is a black rabbit and, fitted with a new outfit, he can be one of your best villagers. He looks surprised, which will make sense on your spooky island. His house is another perfect fit with a black exterior as well.

Cole is wearing a fruit dress but he definitely just saw something spooky.

6. Cyd

Cyd is the perfect punk villager to add to your island. He has that classic fringe hair which is an edgy purple. Cyd’s nose, hands, and feet are all tipped with black as well, adding to his rocker aesthetic. If that wasn’t enough to win you over, his carpet is a skull carpet and his catchphrase is “rockin’.”

Cyd's purple fringe reminds me of when I use to dye my hair at home.

7. Eugene

Eugene is a leather-jacket-wearing Koala. He’s a smug camper so he has the perfect rocker guy attitude to match his looks. While he may not look emo or goth, he resembles Elvis, who himself dyed his hair black and wore many leather jackets. I think that makes him as close to the king of rock as your island is going to get.

Eugene is the animal crossing greaser we all need.

8. Hopper

Hopper reminds me of some of my favorite e-boys. He has a dragon t-shirt and bushy eyebrows that make him look angry all the time. He might be pretty angry after all because he is a cranky type villager who is going to bring lots of attitude. Hopper is a class A pessimist and is even featured being so in the Animal Crossing Film.

What alternative kid hasn't worn a shirt with a dragon on it?

9. Kiki

Nothing is more goth than a black cat named Kiki. We all know that every great witch has a black cat, from Sabrina to Kiki’s delivery service. Kiki will be your island’s local black cat and you can easily gift her clothes so she wears all black. Her personality type is normal, which you will certainly need with all the other robust villagers you’re going to have.

Kiki might be wearing a sweater, but every spooky island needs a black cat.

10. Kyle

Kyle is a wolf-type villager with a smug personality, but what makes him a great candidate for your island is his appearance. He wears a pleather vest as all the good emo kids did, and he also has moody purple eyeshadow. He has instruments inside his home, so he’ll fit right in with your other music-loving islanders.

Kyle's half baked expression is enough to win me over.

11. Lucky

Lucky is a dog-type villager who wears a full-body cast but looks more like a mummy. He’s perfect for a graveyard aesthetic, especially if you were to build a little graveyard and place his home in the middle of it because the inside of his house already looks like one. He’s a lazy type so he’s the perfect little corpse buddy to have!

A mummy dog is both adorable and spooky.

12. Mathilda

Looking for your perfect goth mom? Mathilda is the ideal fit. She wears a sweater dress and her adorable little joey looks just like her. Some even believe her name is derived from a witch’s chant. Plus she has great catchphrases like Blood is thicker than water!

Mathilda is the perfect example of a modern goth mom.

13. Moe

Moe definitely listens to Blink 182. This villager is known for his black hoodie, and his favorite phrase is “Ignorance is bliss.” His house is blue da ba dee da ba daa and full of neat furniture like a rocket ship! He’s lazy and reminds me of your perfect basement-dwelling alt kid.

Moe is just like every other emo boy who wears a black hoodie.

14. Muffy

Muffy is the perfect example of a gothic lolita girl. She wears a vampiric purple ruffled dress and accessories with black makeup, including the staple black lipstick. She has the perfect goth sayings such as “nightshade” and “There’s a black sheep in every family.” Her house is also black with a purple Victorian interior. If you get the chance, do not pass Muffy up!

Muffy's Victorian style dress makes for the perfect gothic lolita look.

15. Roscoe

While Roscoe may be a cranky type, he has already charmed us with his red eyes and all-black aesthetic. His hobby is music so you already know he is going to be the perfect goth boy to add to your island. His black and white checkered decor will be essential in making your island’s goth theme perfect!

The leather jacket and fringe really let us know that Roscoe is a atl boy.

16. Spike

You already know Spike is a great option for your island based on his name alone. He’s an orange rhino with a lot of attitude. His style is the quintessential 90s punk look and with his gold accents, he knows how to rock it. A bonus to having Rex on your island is that the exterior of his house is black, so he’s all ready to fit into your goth fantasy.

Spike has the classic stitches and gold accents.

17. Tex

Tex was born to be goth, and I mean that quite literally—he was born in October. He has a deep obsession with rock music, and while he wears a varsity jacket, I think that it might be ironic. No one with eyeliner and dark circles like that wears a varsity jacket seriously. Tex also comes with recipes for a lot of the items you’ll need to add the perfect finishing touches to your gothic island—like stereo and guitar.

Don't let Tex's varsity jacket fool you. You can always change his clothes.

Well, there you go! Let me know which ones are your favorites and if there are any I should add. I have to say creating this list has put me in the perfect Halloween spirit and I can’t wait to collect some of these guys.

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