The cover of Tethered Spirits by T.A. Hernandez

Magnificent! A Review of Tethered Spirits by T. A. Hernandez

There’s nothing I love more than a smart high fantasy set in a completely different world with a brand new magic system that I’ve never seen before and an ensemble of well-developed characters to fall in love with. Tethered Spirits delivers all this and more, with multiple plot threads that weave together magically into one thoroughly epic adventure.

Amar is a man who can’t die. Or, rather, he can die, but he always comes back to life—only with no memory of the life he had before.

Mitul is the found-family brother who has pledged his life to help Amar at any cost—a constant companion to Amar but also a constant reminder of all the memories he’s lost.

Saya is a desert-dwelling fighter who’s helping Amar in pursuit of her haseph, a traditional mission for her people—but if she succeeds, her victory might come with a terrible price.

Kesari is a Tarja, a magic wielder, bound to the spirit of another Tarja who was killed before his time—she made the bond to share his magic, only now she refuses to use that magic no matter how bad things get.

Aleida is the young, powerful Tarja who pursues them all, for her own precious reasons, and who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

With new friends, discoveries, and plot twists along the way—not to mention plenty of action, magic, and sword fights—Tethered Spirits is a legendary adventure of magic and mystery that high-fantasy lovers will NOT want to miss!

This is book one in a series, and I’m already on the edge of my seat for book two. Without any spoilers, many of the threads introduced in book one do wrap up in book one, but book two is about to open up a whole new can of worms. This is an extremely difficult balance to pull off, and Hernandez has done it masterfully.

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