BG3 companions.

Quiz: Which Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Are You?

There are 10 party companions you can get in Baldur’s Gate 3 from the broody vampire Astarion to the bossy Githyanki Lae’zel. Recruiting them all is like collecting Pokemon. You might want all the companions, but at most you’ll use 3 or 4 frequently.

That being said, all of the companions have their own stories, with developed storylines and side quests, most of which intertwine with the main storyline. These character arcs vary in both depth and difficulty. You can take our quiz here to find out which companion you’re the most like.

Take the Quiz: Which Baldur’s Gate 3 Companion Are You?

Most of the companions you can get in Act One will have more developed storylines since, well, you spend most of the game with them. It is very easy to miss out on certain companions, since some you get by simply clicking a random mysterious portal (I’m looking at you, Gale), and others you have to have somewhat questionable morality to obtain. That means that it’s pretty much impossible to get all of them in one playthrough, but don’t worry, your camp will feel crowded by the end anyway.

Listing All The Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions

  1. Lae’zel
  2. Shadowheart
  3. Astarion
  4. Gale
  5. Wyll
  6. Karlach
  7. Minthara
  8. Halsin
  9. Jaheira
  10. Minsc

Baldurs Gate 3 Companions: Romance Options


Lae'zel in camp.

Lae’zel is a Githyanki fighter with a bad attitude and the stubbornness of a Rothe. Her race has been at war with the mind flayers, so the extremity of the situation is tenfold in her eyes. Her quest starts pretty simply: find a cure in a Githyanki Creche to rid yourselves of the mind flayer’s tadpole.

Lae’zel admires power, displays of strength, and courage. She never backs down from a fight of her own will and she hates weakness.

Lae’zel is a romanceable character.


Shadowheart in camp.

Shadowheart is a Shar-worshipping Cleric. She’s a sarcastic half-elf who has had her memory wiped. She carries a secret artifact that she has stolen in the name of Shar, and her only goal is to complete her mission to bring it back to her temple.

Shadowheart can be viewed as a fairly neutral character since she has a soft spot for animals and children and avoids violence when possible. She hates oppression but also has an extreme distrust of the Githyanki.

Shadowheart isn’t only a romanceable character, but at this time is the most romanced character in the game.


Astarion in armor.

Astarion is a sassy rogue who also happens to be a vampire thrall. He’s spent two hundred years under the control of the vampire who turned him, and now that he is free, he is desperate and willing to do just about anything to stay that way.

Astarion is a moldable character much like Shadowheart that can fit into any playthrough—good, evil, or my favorite, morally gray. Astarion hates standing up for the weak and loves when you show others your power.

Astarion is a romancable character.


Gale trying to convince Tav.

Gale is a powerful wizard who is now being personally punished by Mistra for not respecting boundaries. Not to mention that his ex-girlfriend, Mistra, has also gifted him a ticking time bomb, or rather made him the ticking time bomb.

Don’t worry though, for this hunk will still fall in love with you, no matter what you do it seems. Gale likes kindness and dislikes violence and cruelty. With that being said, if you feed him enough magical items, he will take you on a date anyway.

Gale is currently a romanceable character.


Wyll after transformation.

Wyll is a heroic warlock who is known as The Blade of Frontiers for all of his heroic deeds. He fights bad guys in the name of good, so it’s surprising to find out that he is not as pure as he seems. Wyll might hunt devils, demons, and other evil creatures, but he does so under the contract that he made with a devil.

Wyll is very much the hero type and fits better into playthroughs that are more on the good side. He likes helping the weak and saving those in need. He dislikes siding with evil characters and being cruel.

Wyll is a romanceable character.


Karlach with the bear piercings.

Karlach is a tiefling barbarian with a friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude and a tragic backstory. She is a loyal friend and probably the most genuine and likable companion in the game. She has tragically had her heart taken by her ex-captor, the powerful devil Zariel, who has replaced it with an infernal engine that is not designed to last outside the Hells.

She is generally a good-aligned character so she fits into heroic playthroughs best. Karlach likes taking up for people, compassionate characters, and violence if it’s for a good cause. She dislikes bullies and cowards.

Karlach is a romanceable character.


Minthara angry.

Minthara is a vicious drow paladin. She is one of the true souls leading the goblin camp and is probably the most feared of the three by the other absolute followers. She is actively hunting the Druid Cove and intends to do whatever she must in order to eliminate everyone there.

Minthara is an evil character, and doing the acts necessary to get her to join your party alone will ostracize you from other companions in the game. Minthara likes following the absolute and listening to her commands. Minthara dislikes indecisiveness and those who question the absolute.

Minthara is currently a romanceable character.


Halsin in the Underdark.

Halsin is a wood elf druid who you first hear about as the leader of the Druid Grove, but he has since gone missing. Halsin is strongly in tune with the natural order of the world as most druids are and has an affinity for setting things right. He is a loveable hunk of muscle who just wants the world set back to the way nature intended.

Halsin is a good-aligned character, not with the goal of heroism but rather a goal of balance. Due to this, he works in both a good and neutral game. Halsin likes kindness towards animals and nature and hates harming nature and animals. He’s a pretty straightforward guy.

Halsin is a romanceable character.

Baldurs Gate 3 Companions: Other Options (Not Romanceable)


Jaheira in B3.

Jaheira is a half-elf druid whose boldness and bluntness make her a contrast to Halsin. Jaheira is a well-established character within the lore of Baldurs Gate and has also appeared in the other games in the series. She’s a beloved hero of the city and leads the Harpers in the defense of its citizens.

Jaheira is a tough-love hero type character. She first appears in act two and won’t fit into your party unless you intend on playing generally good characters. She likes characters who are strong leaders and make decisions quickly. She dislikes cowardice and cruel characters.

Jaheira is not a romanceable character.


Minsc happy and smiling.

Minsc is a dense but loveable human ranger. He might not be your most intellectual character, but despite his appearance, he’s a big teddy bear. He is extremely loyal to Jaheira and his best friend, Boo. Minsc, like Jahiera, is a well-known lore character and also appears in previous games from the series.

Minsc is a heroic type character so is best for a playthrough where you intend to be, well, heroic. He likes people who also respect Boo and characters who defend the weak. He dislikes when you don’t treat Boo as an equal and when you don’t support his ideas.

Minsc is not a romanceable character.

Some Quick Notes on Character Creation in BG3

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a character builder that lets you create your own custom character, catering to personal preferences. (Thanks, Larian Studios!) When it comes to character creation, there are several important tips to keep in mind to optimize gameplay and maximize opportunities in the game.

While character creation is highly personal, some additional details to consider include investing in exploration skills for early survivability in dungeons, raising charisma skills for smoother dialogue options with NPCs, and considering crime skills to blast your way through difficult tasks.

It’s also worth exploring the option of starting an evil playthrough with a Dark Urge custom origin character, considering pre-made characters for a more authentic experience (and to make room for companions), or choosing a non-origin class to experience different classes at the onset.

Min-maxing base abilities, selecting an aggressive build for the early game, and understanding that combat preference is tied to classes are also essential factors to keep in mind. By following these tips, even casual players can create characters that will excel in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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