Cosplayer @Embertay painting an armor piece.

Quiz: What Type of Cosplayer Are You?

Cosplayers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors of the rainbow, but you definitely see some groups among us. I believe all cosplayers have a little of each of these characteristics and you might even fit perfectly into three categories, but this quiz will help you see what type of cosplayer you primarily are.

Here’s our quiz created by a cosplayer for cosplayers to see which type you are!

What Type of Cosplayer Are You?

Once you get your result, scroll down to find it in the list below. Good luck and remember to share your results with friends to see what type they are too!

The Burnt-Out Cosplayer

Sleepy anime girl.

You’ve probably been cosplaying for years and you’re probably a con veteran at this point. You might even remember when DragonCon was a 3-day con. You used to work hard and party harder but now you just work hard. You might make a couple of cosplays a year but your motivation to sit on the floor and cut out patterns is at a solid 0%. Sometimes you buy a premade costume or throw together casual looks for characters you like so you can still cosplay them but with a little less effort. You just love the community so now you come to cons to hang out with friends and enjoy your favorite fandoms and, hey, that’s what it’s all about!

The Social Media Cosplayer

Popular anime girl.

Sharing your work with others has always been your favorite part of cosplay. You are a visionary so if something isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you, it has to go. You never forget to get a selfie of your cosplay, and you always make sure you and your friends look good. You also know where the best photoshoot locations are and what photographers you like to work with. You are amazing at hair and makeup too. You have a shining personality that makes everyone want to be your friend and you love hanging out but you probably get socially exhausted easily.

The Procrastinator Cosplayer

Lazy anime girl.

You have brought an unfinished cosplay to a con before, and that’s okay. You have changed your con line-up like 8 times, and then you don’t even follow it when you get to the con. You’re always down for group cosplays, even if your schedule is already full. You at least have a cosplay for each day, and that’s the way you like it. You live life as it comes at you but somehow everything usually works out. Your time management skills might not be the best but your hard work and dedication are unmatched.

The Perfectionist Cosplayer

Perfectionist anime guy.

You are a very technical person when it comes to your cosplays. You make sure you add lines to match up your patterns and your seams are always perfect. Your cosplays are lined and sewn with the proper materials and interfacing. If you prefer foam then you spend hours making sure that you don’t miss those small details. Your lines are always clean and your work is polished. You also like keeping up with the newest technology in cosplay, even if you don’t have one. We all want to be you but only someone great at planning can pull off being a cosplay perfectionist.

The Casual Cosplayer

Carefree anime guy.

Everyone says cosplay is just a hobby, but you mean it. If it causes you stress, you’re not doing it. What’s it like having healthy boundaries? You are the champion of closet cosplays and you love a character that wears casual clothing. You also know the best places to buy cosplays that don’t need much altering because who’s got the time for that? You are easygoing and super friendly. You like to enjoy cons at your own pace and take your time seeing everything the con has to offer.

The Party Cosplayer

Drinking anime girl.

Everyone thinks that you don’t get a lot of sleep, but you get tons of sleep between the hours of 4 am-1 pm. You always have a bottle on hand, but what’s inside is questionable. You will never get too old to enjoy glowsticks, and why should you? Cons are the one time all your friends are together so you are going to make the absolute most of the night. You probably have nighttime looks planned for every night of the con so you can look good but also be comfortable.

The Caretaker Cosplayer

Caring anime girl.

You probably have a large friend group, and they all rely on you. You book the hotels, make sure everyone eats, and most importantly make sure that your crew drinks water. You might be tired and busy, but you are a con essential and we thank you for your service. You bring your own snacks to the con but always end up sharing them. Everyone loves you, and you are the sweetheart of the friend group. You probably also help your friends get into their costumes and when you do group cosplays you pick whichever character is left.

The Eco-Conscious Cosplayer

Nature loving elf girl.

You’re the type of person that carries your lifestyle over to your cosplays. You might see some curtains in a thrift store and suddenly plan a new cosplay entirely because of them. You can use the same wig for a million different cosplays too. You might even take apart your old costumes for parts instead of throwing them away or selling them. You will happily buy a secondhand cosplay though, and make it your own. You are resourceful, and a great problem solver too.

The Fitness Cosplayer

Fitness anime girl.

Your lifestyle also carries into your cosplay but in an entirely different way. One of the first things you do at the con is find out where the gym is. You gravitate towards cosplaying characters that are strong and powerful. You might also pick cosplays that show off your gains. You might have already been into fitness and health, but I bet it’s more likely that your favorite anime characters inspired you into the lifestyle. You are great at motivating yourself and others to reach their goals.

The Jokester Cosplayer

Goofy anime guy.

You think cosplay and cons should always be fun, and you’re here to make sure they are. No one is going to be a bummer around you! You’re the life of the party and will find the most obscure meme to cosplay just for 3 people to recognize it. If you’re not cosplaying a meme then you’re probably cosplaying Zenitsu. Listen, I don’t make the rules here. You fit into every crowd and can make friends with anyone. You’re down to do anything as long as it’s exciting.