Last-Minute Geeky Stocking Stuffers

Does that stocking you have for your geek look half-full or do you want just a couple of last-minute presents? I sure did and now I have the list for you. Being in geeky communities we are always surrounded by a variety of geeks and so I have done my best to make a geeky stocking stuffer list with something for any type of geek you have!

1. For your Tabletop Geek

Everyone wears socks, well not everyone but hopefully most people. With the two-set sock pack, you get such a nice design without compromising quality. They’re the perfect size to fit in a stocking, and with the items featured on them, any DnD lover is sure to love them!

2. For your Crafty Geek

Have a geeky cosplayer you need a last-minute stocking stuffer for? Well, this magnetic pin cushion is a perfect fit. Cosplayers use pins for many things like sewing but even for armor work sometimes and it is so annoying to carry around your pincushion with you. They are sure to get a ton of use out of this stocking stuffer.

3. For your Card Collecting Geek

These might not look like much but you can make a lot of people happy by adding these to their stocking. From Magic to Pokemon, many fandoms have and collect cards. Some of them are quite valuable and using double sleeves is one of the best ways to protect them.

4. For your Nintendo Geek

This game case is the perfect stocking stuffer for your Pokemon or Nintendo-loving geek. Its super sleek design makes it easy to travel with it anywhere and not only that but the Pokedex design makes it perfectly on theme as well. This a great on-the-go item for that handheld gamer you’re shopping for.

5. For your Animal Crossing Geek

Animal Crossing has been all the hype lately, and with this new update, you know everyone is playing again. Now is a great time to buy that card pack so your geek can have some new villagers. They will be able to get new items and make new friends with this great stocking stuffer.

6. For your Gaming Geek

This is another gift that’s WAY more exciting than it looks. This basically adds extra storage to your device and for any gamer that is gold because it means more games. It works on X-box, PC, and Playstation, so no matter what type of gamer you have they will love it! It’s a great way to make sure they fit all those extra games they got around the holidays.

7. For your Playstation Geek

If your geek is the kind that is constantly on their PlayStation then you should get them some Kontrol Freeks! They are sure to enhance gameplay and add some style while doing so. They come in a multitude of colors and they fit both the PS4 and the PS5 so you’re guaranteed not to lose them when you upgrade to the new system. You know, if you can ever get one…

8. For your Star Wars Geek

Everyone needs a pair of chopsticks at home, especially these light-up lightsaber chopsticks. Not only do they make eating fun, but they also save you from having to grab those throw-away ones at the sushi counter. Wake up each morning and choose what side you’re on. Personally, I’m thinking it’s a dark-side day.

9. For your Marvel Comics Geek

This isn’t just any bottle opener. Nay! It is the one and only Mjolnir! It has a magnet inside so you can stick it to your fridge and never lose it, or if you want to take it on the go, attach it to your keys. This gift is perfect for making your geek feel strong even when they’re just opening a bottle.

10. For your DC Comics Geek

This tiny book of DC villains is not only adorably small but actually pretty interesting. It has a collection of Gotham’s greatest villains but also has small facts about them on the adjacent page. There’s a huge collection of art packed into this small package and if they like it you can make it a tradition, as this belongs to a collection of books.

11. For your Bookworm Geek

These beautiful bookmarks are made out of real wood and are accented with suede at the top. This design is called Winter Willow and would look elegant in any book you decided to use it in. There are other designs to choose from, all representing different trees. I chose this one because it reminds me of a Tolkien book but it could fit very easily into almost any fantasy universe.

12. For your Mythical Creature Geek

Everyone has a card deck in their house, and if they love mythical creatures and they don’t have this one then you know exactly what to do. These beautiful cards come from a multitude of mythologies and feature hand-drawn artwork. The box has eye catching gold foil and the cards themselves are black PVC so they can withstand water, making this the perfect travel deck.

13. For your Elf Geek

All elf geeks secretly or not so secretly want to be elves and why should you stop them? These ear cuffs give the illusion of elf ears and offer the wearer a glimpse of their fantasy self. They can be adjusted to fit any ear shape and the wire design makes it where you don’t need piercings or glue to wear them. Not to mention that they make great accessories for cosplay, LARPing, Renaissance fairs, or just everyday fae shenanigans.

14. For your Lord of the Rings Geek

This scarf features the full Middle-earth map with beautiful detail! This makes for a great gift because it is so versatile. For example, you can hang it tapestry style, wear it as a belt around the waist, and around the neck like a traditional scarf. The color is neutral and therefore easy to match with so many outfits, and wearing it is sure to help you meet other LotR geeks out in the wild.

15. For your Harry Potter Loving Geek

The chocolate frog scene in the first movie is ICONIC. I wouldn’t want to eat that thing but you know what I’d love to do with it? Have it sit nicely on my bookshelf with my Harry Potter collection. This little frog is adorable and brings back so many great memories of the series. It is going to get a guaranteed chuckle out of any Harry Potter geek, wizard, or muggle.

16. For your History Geek

I loved Mad Libs growing up! I remember laughing so hard that my stomach was sore the next day. History is full of hilarious events itself so if you put the two together you are sure to end up with an evening full of laughter. This makes for an amazing stocking stuffer for all history lovers because it gives them a chance to share history with others in a fun and engaging way.

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