Kaiju Quiz: Could You Work for the KPS?

Welcome to the Kaiju Preservation Society, where the kaiju roam free and the humans run for their lives.

Your new job promises all the fun of a classic kaiju film festival held in Jurassic Park—the screams, the laughs, and the aura of modern science that sounds like it could almost hold water.

(It certainly holds more water than Godzilla vs Kong. Not that we watch kaiju films for the science, but still. They could have tried.)

Arriving March 15, John Scalzi’s The Kaiju Preservation Society has already been optioned for television. Yep, you read that right—optioned before publication.

Living. The. Dream.

So whip out that résumé and take our Kaiju Quiz to find out if you’re KPS material! Ready, set, go!

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How’d you do? If you scored 0–4, you’re in luck! You’re perfectly qualified for the KPS job of “person who carries stuff,” casting you as the hero of Scalzi’s latest adventure.

When Jamie Gray gets fired during the pandemic, they’ll take any job they can find to stave off that looming eviction notice. Little do they know they’re going to end up in an alternate reality preserving living, breathing kaiju.

Or at least carrying stuff for people who preserve living, breathing kaiju.

Either way, it’s a pretty sweet job. The pay is great. The food is free. (Weird, but free.) And the people are chock-full of their two favorite things: snarky repartee and profound loyalty.

Oh wait, maybe those are my two favorite things.

At any rate, Scalzi delivers, with rapid-fire dialog that’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud or your money back. (Your money back on this free blog post, you understand, not on the book. If the book doesn’t make you laugh, that’s on you. The book’s hilarious.)

And a loyal crew that will make you wish they were your real-life friends—and that you could live with them for free in their apartment.

One part action-adventure, one part stand-up comedy, and one part biting social commentary (which, let’s be honest, is also stand-up comedy, things being how they are these days), The Kaiju Preservation Society is a wildly fun ride that will keep you flipping those pages all the way through.