Geeky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Write Them a Letter in High Elven

This is an amazing gift, especially if you’re on a budget. Writing a heartfelt letter in High Elven will look beautiful because the lettering is so lovely, but it will also hold great sentimental value. If they can’t read or write High Elven, that honestly makes it even better because the work you will put into writing it will mean even more. You can then show them how to read making for a sweet moment!

Build a Lego Set Together

This might sound childish, but have you built a Lego set as an adult?! It’s still fun! It’s a great geeky activity to do on Valentine’s, especially if you’re stuck indoors. It’s such an unexpected activity that promises quality time. This set of flowers matches the occasion and substitutes for real flowers, but you can even up the level of geek by getting a set from their fandom.

Jewelry Inspired by Their Geeky Interest

Of course, jewelry is always a hit on Valentine’s day, but what if you could take that jewelry and make it appeal to their fandom? Here you can find jewelry with nature themes, or even jewelry inspired by Sailor Moon and other fandoms. My favorite is the RPG collection they’ve been working on! This is sure to stand out among all the other Valentine’s necklaces you’ve seen before, and have a special meaning behind it.

A Couples Cosplay

If your partner cosplays and you’ve never cosplayed together, a couple cosplay might be a really romantic gesture. This shows that you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone to make them happy and it’s one less cosplay they have to make. Celebrate their favorite fandom with them by ordering a couples cosplay for you both. You can even plan a photo shoot or outing to go along with it to really surprise them.

Personalized Dice Set

Custom Dice Set from URWizards.

If your partner is a tabletop gamer, then you know how important dice are to them. Something every gamer wants, but doesn’t splurge to get themselves, is a custom dice set. Find their favorite color, flower, or role to play and get them dice with that on it. This is a great gift to show them you pay attention to the small things and support their hobbies. 

Matching Coffee Mugs

It is absolutely adorable to drink from collaborating coffee mugs in the morning. Now is your perfect excuse to make that happen! These beautiful gold and white mugs make for such a lovely set together that any Harry Potter fan is sure to relish. You can make them their morning cup of coffee or tea and bring it to them in this for a beautiful start to a beautiful day.

Love Letter Gift Box

Instead of gifting a box of chocolates, you can always get a self-care box instead. This wonderful box is full of items that will make their reading day perfect. There are three themes to choose from: Greek Gods, Dark Academia, and The Cabin. Between these three you will be able to find something for anyone who loves books and each box comes with items that suit their theme.

A Forever Rose

I can think of at least 10 stores that have roses that never die, and odds are your partner can too. This Valentine’s Day make them feel like they’re in a fairy tale and get them a “magical” rose that never dies. You can write their favorite quote or make something up about how your love will never die, just like this rose. Whatever you do, you are sure to earn points for being creative and romantic.


Buy a cookbook from our Geeky Cookbooks list and then pick a meal to make together out of it. This is an amazing way to spend time together that gets you both working on achieving something together. After you make your meal, then you get to eat it and enjoy something you did as a couple. Set the table and get some candles. You’ll have a unique, romantic dinner that won’t be forgotten for years to come.

Matching Gamer Keychains

If you’re looking for something small to let them know you appreciate the time you spend gaming together, a matching key chain set might be the perfect pick for you. It’s a little token that they can carry around with them that reminds them of your affection for one another. You might also be able to pick up a new game to go with it that you can play together on Valentine’s Day.

Star Wars Champagne Glasses

Star Wars champagne glasses for couple.

If the force between you is strong than you might want to celebrate with a glass of champagne. Okay, that was a bad joke, but a cute idea right? These glasses can help you celebrate your favorite fandom together in a special way. Every time you drink a glass of champagne together you’ll remember this sweet Valentine’s Day gift. Not to mention that these will also display beautifully.

Pixel Heart Picture Frame

Get a picture frame that crosses over fandoms and add a picture of you both together to celebrate your relationship. You can customize this adorable frame to either be full health, no health, or anywhere in between. You also get to pick whether the frame sits vertically or horizontally, so whatever picture you have in mind will fit. If you want something more fandom specific, check out their shop for items from a variety of fandoms.

Make Me Jedi Print

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then there’s no better gift than a Make Me Jedi custom artwork. Have you and your partner drawn as Star Wars characters and decorate your world with a unique picture of you both together in your favorite universe. They are even offering custom Valentine’s Day inspired backgrounds so that you can choose to celebrate your loved one as Anakin did, well… maybe not the best example. You can use our code mygeekology to save 15% off your order.

Blind Date with a Book

Lastly, if you’re spending your Valentine’s Day celebrating how much you love yourself, we did not forget you. You don’t have to be a couple to celebrate a holiday about love. You should treat yourself as well! A blind date with a book gives you an exciting activity where you can lay back, put on your fuzzy socks, curl up in a blanket, and enjoy a book. You get to pick a genre you’re interested in so you’ll certainly enjoy it, and it also comes with bonus stickers!

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