Geekstrology horoscopes for June 2023.

Geekstrology Horoscopes: June 2023


The House of Aries will experience a time of respite during June. However, the 19th signals caution when the Dragon and the House of Taurus join forces with the Summoner and the House of Pisces. Aries, be wary — any epic battles you encounter today are not yours to fight, making them especially perilous for your party. By the 22nd, your path will clear as the Dwarf Queen visits the House of Gemini, shifting the cosmic focus to hearth and home. Use this time to regroup and strategize for your next campaign.

Dice with natural patterns will be especially lucky for you this month.

Keep a sharp eye out for mimics.


With the Herald visiting on the 9th and the Dragon’s reign beginning on the 19th, the House of Taurus will experience an influx of both power and risk this month, pushing your campaigns from epic to truly legendary. You will face significant challenges, especially on the 26th when the House of Leo taps into the Void to slow your roll. Fortunately, the Seer will come to your defense, bolstering your steady Tauran determination with an unusual spike in precognition. Trust your instincts to see you through.

Bronze dice will be especially lucky this month.

Avoid any deals involving pacts or contracts.


June is set to be an eventful month for the House of Gemini, with the arrival of both the Herald and the Merchant promising tremendous fortune for your campaigns. The Celestial brings additional support on the 18th, lighting up your battle rolls with success, even in your darkest hour. However, prepare for conflicts with the Summoner on the 15th and the Siren on the 25th, as they attempt to lead you astray. On the 22nd, the rare arrival of the Dwarf Queen promises an unusual bounty for you and those you call family.

Emerald-colored dice will favor you this month.

Keep your guard up against ghosts and spirits.


As the Celestial shifts into the House of Cancer on the 21st, there will be a brilliant astrological alignment with the House of Gemini. Use this period to solidify your relationships with allies, and make good use of the 22nd, when the Matchmaker pays you a visit. This is a perfect time to forge alliances or add new members to your party. As the month comes to an end, the Celestial and the Summoner will join forces on the 28th to grant you a burst of magical power – be sure you make full use of this cosmic gift.

Dice displaying images of stars and galaxies will bring good fortune.

Beware of ill-tempered water elementals.


The Mother of the Fey visits the House of Leo on the 5th, but don’t be fooled by her lavish gifts — her schemes are designed for her own benefit, not yours. When strangers ask your party for help, approach their requests with caution. The arrival of the Void on the 21st bestows chaotic power with potentially tragic results. Pay close attention to your choice of actions and surroundings. Fortunately, the Herald and the House of the Gemini twins will be in your corner, doubling your luck when you need it most.

Fiery red dice will prove lucky this month.

Try to avoid encounters with undead creatures.


The House of Virgo will start the month free of any cosmic opposition, at least for the first few weeks. However, on the 26th, when the Herald moves into the House of Cancer, Virgo’s warriors will feel the jealous sting of the astrological shift — perhaps literally. Perform poison checks often, and don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the smooth sailing of your previous campaigns. The end of June promises more than enough labyrinthian twists, turns, and shocking reveals for the entire month.

Dice in earth tones are especially lucky this month.

Steer clear of all gorgons, especially Medusa.


Lucky Libra, the Feywild will descend upon your House on the 21st, bringing more than a touch of whimsy and chaos. This massive cosmic event promises skewed perception checks, erratic rolls, and shocking twists in your journey. Expect drastic swings between fortune and peril, and remember that in the Feywild, nothing is as it seems. Moves against Nature will be punished without mercy, so consider your actions carefully. Your best course is to become a cosmic surfer — lean into the chaos and enjoy the ride.

Violet dice will be lucky for you this month.

Watch out for cunning leprechauns and pixies.


Scorpio, June 8th will mark the Dragon’s descent into your House, a cosmic event that could spur unforeseen power struggles for weeks to come. Don’t let your party fall apart. When your friends struggle with insecurities, bolster them through encouraging words and actions. You are the champion they need to hold them together, whether you know it or not. Thankfully, the Dragon will fly away to the House of Taurus on the 19th, and a visit from the Merchant on the 22nd offers profitable opportunities. 

Black dice with silver numbers will be lucky.

Avoid falling into traps set by goblins.


June brings the Celestial to the House of Sagittarius on the 18th, promising unusual bounties from unexpected places. Enjoy the cosmic blessings while you can. Then, on the 26th, the Void injects a cosmic jolt into your campaigns. Anything you imagine can be yours today — from your fondest dreams to your worst nightmares. Take gentle care of yourself and lean on your party for support. If they come through, you’ll share the glory together. If not, just remember — with great power comes great responsibility.

Royal blue dice will be lucky this month.

Keep a wary eye out for sneaky elves.


For Capricorn, the 16th marks the arrival of the Dwarf Queen, promising new levels of teamwork, understanding, and camaraderie for your party. You should pity any enemy who comes your way for the next few days. With your team so tightly bonded, you are insurmountable. However, the celestial shift on the 22nd could threaten your progress. The Dwarf Queen, considering her work done, will turn her attention to the House of Gemini. Protect what she helped you forge, or don’t — the choice is yours.

Earth-toned dice with gold numbers will bring luck.

Watch out for the crafty dwarves.


June will be a time of great opportunity for Aquarius, especially in the latter half of the month. You will enjoy a celestial alignment on the 22nd with the Dwarf Queen as she visits your natural allies, the House of Gemini. The effect will be subtle, but if you watch closely, you’ll notice friendships growing closer and strangers warming up to you more easily than usual. Harness your full power on the 26th when the Herald visits your House, announcing good fortune and bringing new opportunities for leadership.

Clear dice with blue numbers are lucky this month.

Beware of mischievous water sprites.


The Seer aligns with the House of Pisces on the 7th, illuminating paths that were previously unseen. Revisit missed opportunities today. The road to good fortune that once seemed closed might now stand open for you and your party — especially if you’re the one rolling perception and charisma checks. On the 19th, follow your intuition closely. You’ll enjoy an uneasy alliance between the Summoner and the Dragon, but if you summon the wrong proverbial dragon during these hours, your party could pay dearly.

Sea-green dice will bring luck.

Steer clear of unpredictable merfolk.