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Geekstrology Horoscopes: April, 2023


For House of Aries, April is a month of contradictions. The 11th marks the joint arrival of the Celestial and the Dragon, bringing the possibility of new partnerships as well as the possibility of betrayal. Remember, the Dragon can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy — and it might not be clear at first which is at play. Welcome new members to your party with open arms, but keep that dagger handy just in case. On the 20th, the Merchant abandons your house and the Celestial will be lost in the shadows. This is not the time to make deals. Hold onto your loot and surplus supplies until at least the 21st.

Bright-colored dice could be a lucky purchase this month.

Dark dice may work against you.


April is an auspicious month for the House of Taurus! The Herald will cross your threshold on the 3rd, bringing unexpected fame and glory for your campaigns. Beware, however, of the 21st, when that which your party hoped to hide may be revealed. Look for a quiet place to wait out that storm, but don’t trust appearances. We often meet our fate on the road to avoid it. Fortunately, the Celestial joins the House of Taurus on the 20th, which should help by shedding light on your true circumstances. Perception checks are more likely to fall your way, and charisma rolls should get a cosmic bonus as well.

Metal dice are especially lucky for you this month.

Try to avoid shades of green, particularly emerald.


The Herald, usually your champion, has fled to the House of Taurus this month, so beware of rushing into battle. With no one to announce your usual good fortune, send the rogue in first to look for traps—or die trying. The Mother of the Fey will knock on your door on April 10, which means nothing in your next campaign will be quite as it seems. Run perception checks on everything. On April 21, the Herald will stab the Taurans in the back and run back to the House of Gemini for cover, so be ready. If a mob of angry villagers was ever going to turn on your party, it’s now.

20-sided dice will be especially lucky for you this month.

Red dice will not be your friend.


Creation is on your side this month, lucky House of Cancer! Pockets of the Void appear in your House on the 7th, the 23rd, and the 29th, bringing endless possibilities for those who know how to wield it for higher manifestation. This is especially true on the 29th when the Seer appears in your allied House of Taurus. Consider this the perfect day to start a new venture with a close friend. The sky is truly the limit. However, stay away from dark forces during these dates, and avoid letting strangers join your party. If the Void is harnessed by those with cruel intentions, your group could become inadvertent pawns in someone else’s game.

The percentage dice are your lucky dice this month.

Roll 1-100 whenever the DM will let you.


April is going to be one of those months when everything feels like it’s happening around you, but none of it seems to touch you personally. You’re living life in the eye of the storm. Try not to focus too much on the good fortune you’re missing. Instead, pay close attention to all the misfortunes that keep passing you by. The Deceiver has no power over you this month, so take advantage. Now is the time to take risks in any campaign. The Merchant is neither for nor against you, so expect fair and balanced trades all month long — even on the 20th, when other Houses may suffer from the Celestial’s waning power.

Stone and stone-colored dice bring good fortune this month.

But beware of any creatures with a stone-turning gaze.


With the Mother of the Fey visiting House of Gemini this month, the House of Virgo turns its attention to the Merchant, eager to reap the spoils of adventure. Expect lucky loot rolls and financial good fortune throughout the coming weeks. Still, remember that the fey grant as many blessings as they do curses. With the Mother of the Fey away on her travels, you won’t be able to count on your usual quick turns of fate when it comes to campaign battles. Do your fights and encounters feel a bit too … predictable? Never fear. The thrill of a more capricious fate will return soon enough.

Solid, dependable colors imbue your lucky dice this month.

Avoid displacer beasts at any cost.


Like the House of Virgo, the House of Libra is also blessed by the Merchant this month, especially on the 6th, when good fortune will pause at your front gate, unpack its wares, and lay them all upon your doorstep. If your group is rolling for loot on that day, they’d be wise to let you cast the dice. Unlike Virgo, however, the House of Libra’s luck will be more temporary. As you move toward the eclipse of the Celestial on the 20th, expect the Merchant’s generosity to wane. The good news? Your blades and arrows will still fly true, especially if you light your way with a bit of magic; you just won’t reap the same rewards.

Golden-hued dice will be lucky for you this month.

Beware the tricks of faerie dragons — they will be unusually harsh.


The House of Scorpio stands at odds with the House of Taurus this month. When the Herald visits the Taurans on the 3rd, it will usher in a string of rolls so unlucky, you’ll curse your fate before the worst is behind you. Then, when the Celestial joins the Taurans on the 20th, the event will cast your own House into shadow — but this brings an unexpected boon. For the remainder of the month, your presence will go unnoticed among your enemies. Scorpion rogues, in particular, will be uncannily silent, stepping boldly into lairs where others fear to tread. In other words, “If you can’t win it, steal it.”

Black or smoky dice are lucky for you this month.

Watch out for winter wolves — they could be your downfall.


For once, dear Sagittarius, adventure is not likely to announce itself this month. Instead, you’ll have to go out and find it. Local taverns may feel mundane, even pedestrian, but you should frequent them nonetheless. Dark alleys can be particularly fruitful on the 3rd, 16th, and 19th if you’re hoping to stir up trouble. Remember too that hope can come from the most unlikely places, even when all other lights go out. With the Celestial in eclipse on the 20th, the Summoner will suddenly appear to grant your most desperate rolls. So go ahead, try that crazy move that never goes your way — this time, it just might work.

Dragons will be unusually lucky encounters for you this month.

Steer clear of giant insects, especially cockroaches.


Does it feel as though all hope has abandoned you, House of Capricorn? Perhaps it has. Until the 12th, let someone else roll for you whenever you can as the Deceiver grows in power in your skies. Still, profound tenacity often pays off. Hold true to your friends, no matter how desperate things may seem. The Seer will fly to your side on the 18th to mitigate the worst of the Deceiver’s cruel tricks. The tension between these two will be palpable, tugging your fate back and forth until the 29th. The month finally draws to an end with the Siren in your corner, singing your praises and drawing your enemies to their doom.

An 8-sided die can save your hide in a pinch.

Just don’t count on the yellow ones.


The Deceiver will visit House Aquarius on the 11th, wielding a double-edged sword. You will be more vulnerable to tricks and deceit than you usually are, but you will also be more likely to pull one over on your enemies. Where you might be tempted to rush in headlong, you might do better with a more subtle approach. Then, on the 20th, the Celestial joins the Deceiver, making your character almost invincible for one glorious day. You will see through any deceit, and all your most daring schemes will come together, even the ones that fly in the face of logic and rationality. So go ahead. Run straight at that dragon with a broadsword. It just might work out.

Count on dice that are any shade of blue this month.

Just stay away from sea serpents.


The Summoner will visit the House of Pisces on the 5th, bearing enough luggage to stick around for a while. In fact, you’ll fight such an unusual array of creatures this month that you might feel like you’re under siege. There’s a reason for that — you are. When the Siren pops in on the 7th, things will get even worse, until the Mother of the Fey finally arrives on the 14th to take matters into her own hands. House of Pisces will be the object of a cosmic tug-of-war for the second half of the month as the fey work to restore balance, finally returning those summoned monsters to their rightful place as April comes to a close.

You’ll come out ahead in any faerie encounters this month.

Be extremely careful around bugbears.