Geeks on Fleek – Spring 2022 Fashion for Nerds

Fashion is ever changing. With each season old and new trends alike surface and you either try to keep up with it or you don’t. Us geeks get a bad rep for being unfashionable but then why do high fashion brands get influenced by us all the time?

For example, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Japanese artist Takashi Muakami who is influenced by anime. This collaboration resulted in the purses every it-girl had in the mid 2000s. Now we see Michael B. Jordan wearing designer anime shirts and artists like Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion cosplaying on magazine covers. 

Takashi Muakami Louis Vuitton bag.

Nerd culture is being celebrated and now is the time to bring your passions into your fashion. I’m here to help you find nerd items that fit into the fashion trends we are expected to see a lot of this spring and summer. 


White is always in style for spring and summer fashion, but how is that nerdy? Well take your favorite white nerd shirt and pair it with jeans and a statement shoe. You can even amp this up a level by styling it with white slacks or a mini skirt as well—just make sure you have statement shoes on with it if you want to give your outfit an elevated fashion look.

This white shirt with a simple logo on the front and the print on the back is the perfect style t-shirt to make this look work. Creator’s Guild focuses on bringing digital culture to designs we can wear. Many of their designs are anime or game focused, like this Toman Boys T-shirt they released.

This is a classic look that is in almost every season but Fendi had many runway looks that featured all white. Not only that, but fashion icons were already wearing more casual looks during London Fashion Week.


When you hear knitwear you might think of grandma-chic, and you’re not far off. With spring we don’t usually think of sweaters and cardigans, but this season that might change. The Cardigans we wore in fall and winter of 2021 are making their way into spring and summer of 2022. Part of the reason for this I believe is the rise of the “bra top” and the knit wear pairs extremely well with that.

Now I know it is extremely hard to find geek wear that’s not t-shirts but I’m here to tell you that you can still participate in this trend. Steady Hands makes cardigans inspired by anime like this Gon Cardigan and Howl Sweater Vest along with original, unique designs.

Sweater vests and cardigans started showing up in fashion in 2020 but it seems like they are here to stay. Since the pandemic, comfort fashion is on a rise and not going to disappear any time soon. That paired with the longevity of these pieces have made them reoccur in fashion shows and on models and influencers alike.

Bra Tops

Wearing a bra or more like a bralette has overtaken the fashion scene and lucky for us geeks out there, there’s a ton of anime and videogame characters that do the same. This is your excuse to style yourself like your favorite character and feel like a fashion badass. Bra tops are perfect to style with blazers, your knit wear, and joggers or trousers. So you can wear one of these with basically anything.

Using a solid color bralette is always an option and gives you more versatility with the rest of your outfit, but if you’re into patterns and colors I’ve got your back! Anime Ape makes a multitude of bras with patterns you might just recognize.

We have already seen this on LA influencers and the 2021 runway, but it has taken the runway by storm this year. Seriously, Google it. There were too many runway looks with this trend to count. Now I know this isn’t a style for everyone but some ways to make it more comfortable are to wear high rise bottoms or put a cardigan or blazer overtop.


Blazers have been a staple in men’s fashion, and now they have taken the women’s fashion scene by storm. Typically they have been styled oversized and this season we have mostly seen them with looser fitting bottoms. A blazer is an amazing way to amp up any outfit and make your look refined.

BlackMilk has several blazers inspired by nerd culture, but their tokidoki collaboration, which I’ve featured here, suits the new fashion trends exceptionally well. The pastel pallet will give off strong Springtime vibes, and if purple isn’t your color it also comes in pink and of course black.

You can bring your inner Spike Spiegel to your looks this summer with a blazer that will bring the nerd to Versace. I personally love when clothing items that traditionally are only seen on one gender are claimed by other gender identities. I especially love when that item is made in fabrics it never would have been made in before. I’m excited to see all the pastel and satin blazers this year.

Chunky Jewelry

The jewelry trends tend to get overlooked but they add so much to an outfit and can change your look from classy to alternative and back again. Chokers and chunky jewelry were really popular on the spring 2022 runway this year with a variety of different brands showcasing their own style. This trend I think came along with the more playful and colorful overall theme we are seeing this season.

Kawaii Pleasures is an independent artist who runs an Esty shop that creates everything chokers from high quality faux leather in a thin, traditional design to larger, more detailed pieces. You can order pieces in your own custom color and they are constantly coming out with new releases that are inspired by nerd culture from comics, games, and anime.

The chunky jewelry pairs extremely well with blazers, but you can honestly overlap it with almost any outfit you have planned. It brings out a very youthful and energetic look which is perfect for a fashion season that has revolved around bold colors and dramatic prints. This is the year to be playful with some of your looks and embrace your inner child.

Standout Shoes

Shoes are one of my absolute favorite parts of an outfit and if that’s true for you too, then you’re in luck this season. Loafers, ballet flats, and jelly shoes are all in, but on a more exciting note, statement shoes are in too. By that I mean any shoe that is bold, out there, yells at you, is going to be trendy this season. This gives you the liberty to grab that pair of shoes you were always nervous about not pulling off and be confident that you’re trendy.

Anthony Wang creates shoes that are chunky, with a jelly style base, but my favorite are these mecha inspired shoes. The best part is that the wing and shield are completely removable so if you’re wanting to dial it down, or if the wings don’t match your fit, then you can change your look in seconds.

I love seeing big bold shoes on the runway in so many styles, and I know I will be stomping around in my favorite jelly bottom shoes. This is particularly exciting for cosplayers, who have such a vast collection of shoes for characters. Now is the time to rock your cosplay shoes with your everyday outfit—you did put so much work into them after all.

Doll Style Bags

The rise in “Barbie bags” or “doll bags” is heavily influenced by the Y2K and youthful fashion movements. There is always a lot of diversity in handbags, but beaded and fuzzy are expected to make a comeback this year so we can all fulfill our living doll fantasy. These small bags are so practical and with so many other elements of fashion going bigger, like shoes and jewelry, it makes sense bags would be smaller.

Apari Art is an apparel brand that has been circling the anime convention scene for years. They make clothing that represents art itself and have collaborations with Miku and Trash Taste. Their Kuo bag is made of Sherpa, which has been trending for a while now but also gives that adorable cuddly look.

These bags will pair particularly well with the chunky jewelry and it’s all about having fun with it. Moschino is mostly responsible for this comeback with their small bags in bright colors. You can style these with just about anything you’ll wear this season and if you pick a crossbody like the Apari Art one then it will even go well with your casual wear.


We know this season is all about bold patterns and fun colors, which means plaid is naturally a perfect fit. Flannels and plaid skirts will most likely be popular to wear alongside things like the bra-top and chunky shoes. This pattern really stands out and does a lot of the work in creating the outfit for you. This is the perfect pattern for all year wear so it’s no wonder that it is going to be popular this spring.

Bibisama Apparel has a variety of trendy clothing, creating not only shirts, but outerwear and accessories for geeks. Their designs feature anime style original characters and they claim to be a brand that celebrates the beauty of manga. I can certainly see that influence in their designs and love the brand’s concept and design.

You could certainly style these flannels with loose slacks and a bra-top or even with a short skirt or jeans. The diversity of a statement piece like this is endless. The design on the back makes this a unique piece that others aren’t likely to have but certainly will want to order once they see yours. This androgynous style is also perfectly on trend for casual wear.


These are some of the upcoming trends and geek gear for those of you who try to keep up with the current fashion trends. These certainly aren’t the only trends we will see this season. Other predicted trends are:

  • Fur coats
  • Puffer coats
  • Jelly shoes
  • Lita boots
  • Ballet flats
  • Empire waist
  • Jumpsuits/Catsuits
  • Cutouts
  • Neck ties
  • Balaclavas
  • Bloomers
  • Collars

Considering all of that, not all of these things will go together, but they are fun items to add to your outfits. I just love to share things made by and for geeks. Fashion is always changing and in a world of social media, trends come and go faster than ever. You should ALWAYS wear what makes you feel the most confident despite what is trendy. So get excited for spring/summer 2022 no matter what you’re wearing!