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August horoscopes for all zodiac signs and horoscope charts


As August unfolds, you’re riding the high of The Merchant’s blessings from the Full Moon in Aquarius. On the 6th, avoid diving into battles unprepared — The Celestial’s challenge with The Dragon suggests that hasty decisions might backfire. When The Matchmaker graces Leo on the 15th, engage in cooperative multiplayer games. This is a time of camaraderie. Be wary around the 22nd and 23rd, however. With The Mother of the Fey’s distractions and The Herald’s confusing messages, it’s easy to lose your way. Yet, the Harvest Moon on the 30th renews your energy. Keep your gaming gear close — an emblem shaped like a ram will guide your adventures.

Swords with sapphire inlays will be your talisman of fortune this month.

And always, adventurer of Aries, beware of in-game traitors.


The House of Taurus thrives as several cosmic encounters grace your sign. On the 1st, The Dragon’s strength bolsters your energy. However, be cautious on the 6th. The Celestial’s clash with The Dragon warns of potential in-game betrayals. Trust not every ally in your guild. The 22nd stirs the scene with The Mother of the Fey and The Dragon, suggesting distractions that could tempt you off your highest path. Indulge them if you must, but do not sacrifice your main quest.

Golden gauntlets will guide your fate this month.

Remember, Taurus, not every treasure chest holds true riches.


Your agility is unmatched in the gaming realm this month. With few direct celestial events in the House of Gemini, the surrounding crystalline energy offers a clear head and an equally clear path forward. Use this time for profound reflection and bold strategy. On the 23rd, with The Celestial entering Virgo, consider aligning with allies that complement your skills. If you choose wisely, alliances made on this day will be unusually fortunate.

Daggers engraved with runic symbols will serve you well.

Stay curious, Gemini, and explore those hidden game paths.


In the protective shell of the House of Cancer, you find solace in the month of August. Rest well — all sun signs need a lush, shady respite now and then. The 13th shines as The Celestial aligns with The Mother of the Fey in the House of Leo. Embrace in-game festivities and communal events. On the 30th, The Merchant’s reflective energy in Pisces calls for a pause. Consider a day of rest and recovery. If you do venture forth, tread carefully.

Shields with moonstone embellishments are your protective charm.

Trust your instincts, Cancer, especially in uncharted terrains.


Within the illustrious House of Leo, a radiant energy awaits. The 6th sees a cosmic tussle between The Celestial and The Dragon, urging you to be cautious. Steer clear of disagreements and avoid rash decisions, even in the heat of battle. If you can channel the luck of the one and the power of the other, nothing will stand in your way. Fail, however, and the results will be crushing. As the 13th dawns, it’s your time to shine. The Celestial’s bond with The Mother of the Fey enhances your gaming presence, making you the heart of any guild or party.

Golden helms will amplify your power this month.

Smoky dice will not roll well for you.


For the detail-oriented House of Virgo, August stands as a month of methodical actions. Don’t let others throw you off your game — plotting each move with precision will lead you to victory. Cosmic energies peak on the 23rd when The Celestial visits the House of Virgo and The Herald turns against you. This mix of astrological blessings and unfortunate beginnings calls for even greater vigilance — scrutinize your plans from every angle and triple-check your gear. Most of all, remain true to your friends and your quest. If you can overcome early missteps in your campaign, your final victory will be legendary.

Robes with intricate embroidery hold magical properties for you.

But beware of creatures of the night.


In the harmonious House of Libra, the scales constantly tip toward equilibrium. Most of this month will feel like smooth sailing, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Come the 27th, The Void will pay a visit to the House of Libra, emphasizing the virtues of teamwork and shared goals in the quest for creative brilliance. But creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin. Foster camaraderie within your party to ensure fair distribution of resources and in-game treasures. If not, the road to riches could become your downfall.

Scales carved from obsidian are your beacon of justice.

Avoid encounters with ogres.


Deep within the enigmatic House of Scorpio, mysteries unfurl. While the cosmic dance appears not to focus on your sign, the surrounding energies whisper great secrets. Harness the power of stealth to spy on your enemies and study your allies, delving deeper into concealed territories and uncovering obscured lore. What you learn this month will be of great benefit from September 23 – October.

Seek protection and guidance in amulets that bear the scorpion.

Do not charge headlong into battle. In silence and unpredictability, you’ll find your greatest weapon.


The House of Sagittarius is alight this month with the spirit of exploration. As you traverse the vast expanses, every corner beckons with adventure. The universal energies this August will amplify your inherent wanderlust, especially toward the end of the month. Heed them to your heart’s content, but beware the beaten path. The road that appears to have been well-tread by the boots of other adventurers may be hiding greater secrets than you imagine — secrets for which you may be uncharacteristically unprepared.

Bows with phoenix feathers are your lucky charm.

But beware the keeper of untold tales.


Amid the rugged terrains of the House of Capricorn, determination reigns supreme. The first weeks of August will flow with relative ease as long as the movement of the planets isn’t counter to your extended birth chart. The 24th will witness an intriguing alignment, however, as The Void in the House of Virgo teams up with the Deceiver, who visits your own. Nothing good is likely to come of the trickster gaining unlimited creative energy — but what could be bad for you will be far worse for your enemies if you are quick to turn it in their direction. Stay vigilant — while new alliances offer promise, not every invitation comes with genuine intentions.

Armor embedded with emeralds will fortify your defense.

Watch out for obstacles that appear to be child’s play.


Within the innovative House of Aquarius, the wheels of creativity never stop. The 1st promises tremendous prosperity, with The Merchant visiting your House to shower untold treasures upon you. This day especially favors investment in new realms. Challenge the norms, devising novel strategies and approaches when faced with obstacles. Still, don’t spend all your winnings in the glow of victory. Hold something back for the future. The movements of planets are constantly changing — remain as vigilant over your own frame of mind as you are over your enemies.

Elixirs in crystal vials promise rejuvenation.

Be wary of rules that appear to be illogical — their underlying sense could be your undoing.


The House of Pisces is a realm of dreams and profound intuition. August presents moments of deep reflection, especially on the 22nd of the month, when the Void joins forces with the House of Virgo to oppose the Siren, who visits your own. For most Houses, the Siren would present a dangerous temptation, but you are both creatures of the sea. Instead, use the Siren’s wiles to tempt your enemies into any traps you have laid for them. On the 30th, the Merchant moon shines its full glory on the House of Pisces. Any victories you win this day will reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Silver trinkets with sapphire drops bring clarity.

Trust your intuition, but beware of earth magic that seeks to ground you.