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Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions – Complete GO-to Guide

Pokemon Go allows you to live out your fantasy of filling up your Pokedex. A big part of that will be getting all the Eevee evolutions. Niantic has made doing so much easier than in Nintendo’s Pokemon games.

You can guarantee a specific evolution you get by using the nickname trick. To do this evolution method, re-name your Eevee to the right corresponding nickname. The first time you hit the evolve button with 25 Eevee candies, that Eevee will transform into a specific eeveelution. Beware! This method can only be done once for each different Eevee evolution!

Check out the following list to see each Eeveelution’s nickname, move sets, and shiny variants.

Normal and Shiny Eevee from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Eevee exclusive party hat variants from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Eevee with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

1. Espeon

Espeon and shiny Espeon from Pokemon Go.
Espeon and shiny Espeon from Pokemon Go. Both with flowers on their head from a limited event.

The nickname you need to give your Eevee to evolve it into an Espeon is ‘Sakura’. To get Espeon the normal way, you must walk with Eevee as your buddy for 10km and then use 25 Eevee candy and trigger the evolution during the day.

Espeon is Eevee’s psychic-type evolution. Espeon’s strength lies in its accessibility for a viable PvE attacker.

Look for Confusion to be your fast move, and Psychic to be your charge move.

Unfortunately, Espeon tends to under perform in PvP due to its stat distribution.

ATK: 261

DEF: 175

STA: 163

2. Flareon

Flareon and shiny Flareon from Pokemon Go.
Flareon and shiny Flareon from Pokemon Go. Both with flowers on their head from a limited event.

The nickname you’re looking to give to get a Flareon is ‘Pyro’. If you want to get Flareon without using the name trick, you’ll have to randomly evolve your Eevee by spending 25 Eevee candy to hit the evolve button. You have a 1 in 3 chance of your Eevee turning into a Flareon instead of one of the other two original Eeveelutions.

Flareon is Eevee’s fire-type evolution. It’s one of the original 3 besides Jolteon and Vaporeon. Flareon can be used with limited success in a PvE attacker role and is quite easy to get for new players.

Fire Spin is the go-to fast move for Flareon, being a direct upgrade over Ember. For a charge move, look for Flamethrower or Overheat.

ATK: 246

DEF: 179

STA: 163

Avoid bringing Flareon into PvP if you can. It won’t stack up in Ultra or Master League and is outclassed by other common fire types in Great League.

3. Glaceon

Normal and Shiny Glaceon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Glaceon with exclusive event holiday coat from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Glaceon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

If you want to get a Glaceon, set your Eevee’s nickname to ‘Rea’ and then evolve it. Alternatively, you can evolve a Glaceon by going to a Pokestop, attaching a Glacial Lure Module to it, and then evolving an Eevee. Make sure there is a silhouette of Glaceon on the evolve button before you press it!

Glaceon is Eevee’s ice-type evolution. It was released alongside Leafeon. Glaceon is a decent choice for taking down dragon-type raids.

Look for Ice Shard for a fast move and Avalanche for Glaceon’s charged move.

ATK: 238

DEF: 205

STA: 163

You might find some usefulness against dragon-types in Ultra and Master League. Just don’t expect it to win all of its match-ups.

4. Jolteon

Normal and Shiny Jolteon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Jolteon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

The nickname you need to get a Jolteon is ‘Sparky’. Jolteon is one of the original three eeveelutions alongside Flareon and Vaporeon. Like those two, Jolteon is randomly evolved with 25 Eevee candy.

Jolteon is Eevee’s electric-type evolution. Jolteon was once one of the best electric-types in Pokemon Go, but has since fallen off. Like many of the other Eevee evolutions, it’s quite easy to get and still performs well enough for a new player.

Look for Thundershock or Voltswitch for a fast move, and Discharge for a charged move.

ATK: 232

DEF: 182

STA: 163

Jolteon can be used in Great and Ultra League to bait shields with its high energy generation and low-cost charge moves.

5. Leafeon

Normal and Shiny Leafeon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Leafeon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

In order to guarantee your Eevee evolves into a Leafeon, set its nickname to ‘Linnea’. If you need to evolve a second one, go to a Pokestop, attach a mossy lure module, and then evolve your Eevee. Again, make sure the silhouette shows Leafeon and not a question mark!

Leafeon is the grass-type evolution of Eevee. It isn’t the best grass-type option but isn’t the worst either.

Looks for Razor Leaf as a fast move and then get Leaf Blade for a charged move. Razor Leaf has very high damage and benefits from STAB on Leafeon. Leaf Blade also has STAB and a low energy cost.

ATK: 216

DEF: 219

STA: 163

Leafeon can find some success in the three primary Leagues. It has decent bulk and good grass-type moves. There are other grass-types that have better coverage, but Leafeon isn’t a bad choice.

6. Sylveon

Normal and Shiny Sylveon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Sylveon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

Set your Eevee’s nickname to ‘Kira’ in order to get Sylveon. Without using a nickname, Sylveon is a little harder to get. You’ll have to make it your buddy Pokemon and earn 70 hearts with it. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon.

Sylveon is a fairy-type. If you’re having trouble getting a fairy-type, Sylveon is a good option. It’s worth noting that it’s more dependable in PvP than PvE.

Get Charm as the go-to fast move, paired with Dazzling Gleam for PvE or Moonblast and Psyschock from an Elite Charge TM.

ATK: 203

DEF: 205

STA: 216

Sylveon is a surprisingly strong pick in PvP, especially Ultra League. Its potential to get Psyshock gives it needed coverage against its poison-type weakness.

7. Umbreon

Normal and Shiny Umbreon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Umbreon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

You’ll need to set your Eevee’s name to ‘Tamao’ if you want to use the nickname trick to get Umbreon. Like Espeon, you can also get Umbreon by making an Eevee your buddy, walking 10km, then evolving it during the right time of day, which is night.

Umbreon is a dark-type evolution of Eevee from the second generation of Pokemon. Its strength is in its bulk. Umbreon is great for holding gyms and acting as a tank in PvP.

Get Snarl for your bread and butter dark-type fast move. Get the dark-type charged move Foul Play and if you’re able to, pair it with Last Resort or Psychic for some additional coverage.

ATK: 126

DEF: 240

STA: 240

Umbreon is one of the best contenders in Great League, and can easily pull its weight in Ultra League as well. Unfortunately, due to its CP cap it won’t be able to keep up in Master League.

8. Vaporeon

Normal and Shiny Vaporeon from Pokemon Go.
Normal and Shiny Vaporeon with exclusive event flowers from Pokemon Go.

You can get Vaporeon by nicknaming an Eevee ‘Rainer’ and then evolving it. If you need another, you can also try your luck at randomly evolving Eevee for a chance at Vaporeon.

Vaporeon is the classic water-type evolution and has a long history in Pokemon Go. It used to be one of the best choices for a water-type, with great bulk, but has unfortunately now been outclassed by other water-types. It’s not a bad Pokemon by any means and is still a great choice for a new player who needs a decent water Pokemon with bulk.

Water Gun is your only choice for a fast move. The most reliable charge move is going to be Aqua Tail. Hydro Pump can be used as well if you’re using Vaporeon as a PvE attacker.

ATK: 205

DEF: 161

STA: 277

You may be able to find some success with Vaporeon in Great or Ultra League, but it’s not a top contender.

That’s the complete list of Eevee evolution names, their best moves, stats, and variations! Keep an eye out for upcoming Eevee Community Days as well for exclusive moves!

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