A dark version of young Grogu.

Does Grogu Have A Dark Side?

Grogu, or as some know him, Baby Yoda, has captivated millions worldwide since his screen debut in 2019. Behind the big ears and huge round eyes, one just has to ask, “who and what is Grogu really?”

Why is Grogu so special? Who is Grogu related to? Is Grogu a Jedi or Sith? And, as I myself have been wondering: does Grogu have a dark side? If not, will he eventually? All big questions that have been asked numerous times by plenty of folks.

Why Is Grogu Special?

Grogu frowning.

First off, why is Grogu so special? Many may first roll their eyes at this and go, “well he’s adorable, duh.” (Just to divert from the topic(s) at hand, many insist that he was simply thrown into the Star Wars universe as a marketing asset for the franchise to cash in more profits – but we won’t go there.) But what’s the “real” reason? Why is Grogu so strong? What are Grogu’s “true” powers? 

Grogu does indeed exhibit immense force powers unmatched by other younglings, at least of other species. Naturally, such strength was awe-inspiring to his pursuers. They wanted Grogu in the hands of the Empire and would go to all lengths to track him down. Such a powerful child could be such an undeniable asset to the remnants of the Empire!

What Type of Jedi Is Grogu?

Grogu eating eggs.

So could Grogu eventually go dark? Is Grogu a Jedi or Sith? What is he more likely to become?

As far as I’m concerned, Grogu comes across as a “Gray Jedi” – neither light nor dark, but a mixture of the two. Gray Jedis believe that there must be a balance to the Force – pure dark or pure light doesn’t cut it. In my opinion, only the most “powerful” beings have the mindset to understand this – there needs to be both light and dark. Grogu’s power and energy seem to align with a “Gray Jedi” indeed.

A part where “darkness” is shown in Grogu is when he helped himself to the eggs of an endangered frog species. What was his motivation? Did he realize that the eggs were highly precious and not care…or did he think that they were simply a yummy snack? This moment, for many, seemed to be a turning point in their views of the formerly cute, harmless child. Quite a few insisted that with the telepathic powers he already possesses, Grogu *had* to know about the value of the eggs, and disregarded their value. He ate them anyway. This could have been, as said, the turning point for Grogu. This scene caused not many viewers to change their views on The Child! But was this incident foreshadowing his future character development?

Many of these questions will remain unanswered for now, but really, that’s the whole gist of Grogu – he’s supposed to be mysterious, at least for now. The upcoming season(s) of “The Mandalorian” may answer many of these questions.

Who Is Grogru Related To?

Yaddle from Star Wars.

Another question that could sort of tie in is who is Grogu related to? His species is obviously very similar to Yoda’s, if not the same. Is he the exact same species as Yoda? Is that why he’s so powerful? Is the species simply the most “force-sensitive” of all? But again, Yoda’s species remains a mystery as well. The only other member of this species that I know of is Yaddle, a female Jedi master. Other than her, *apparently* no other members of the green species exist with the exception of Grogru. Another question asked has been, are Yoda and Yaddle Grogu’s parents? It’s been neither confirmed nor denied. If so…how did they lose Grogu? Was he kidnapped or sent away? That is another part of the story waiting to be unfolded.

What Species Is Grogru?

Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

Some other questions to consider are:

What is Grogu’s (and possibly Yoda and Yaddle)’s species? Why are there so few of them? Are they so powerful that they were wiped out in some ways by another race that feared them? (Suddenly a theory came to me: Were the members of the species not wiped out, but most stripped of the brunt of their powers, and somehow forced to assume another form, i.e. human or another alien? Could there be more out there… in plain view???)

Although he’s fifty years old, Grogu is still a child, since of course, that’s the pace that his species ages. (Yoda, for instance, is eight hundred years old.) So of course, many are trying to mold him into what he “should” be, and what they *want* him to be. But is that what he really is? Naturally, it’s hoped that he’ll become a pure, light Jedi and that may indeed end up being the case! But we cannot predict the writer’s intentions. They may have written him in this way to display how Grougru has been molded at such a young age towards the course of a light Jedi.


The Mandalorian and Grogu.

Okay, so let’s go back to the question at hand: Is Grogu a Jedi or Sith? Obviously neither exactly right now. But what will he become? A Jedi, a Sith, a Gray Jedi…or something entirely new? Again, in my opinion, he will likely become a “Gray Jedi” – a fairly new concept in the Star Wars universe. To me, beneath his “cute” exterior, Grogu has a side that he doesn’t show to anyone.

Is Grogu’s species actually capable of “adult” intelligence even when they’re the chronological equivalent of a child? I believe that there is a possibility, no matter how slight, that Grogu knows…something…that others don’t know or see. But again, the species is shrouded in mystery. We just don’t know. And do the show producers want to keep it that way…or will it be revealed in upcoming seasons? There are so many questions, many unanswered! Will we find out, though? We’ll see. This is the way!