D&D Solo Adventures: The Tavern Quest Quiz

Are you a wizard of roleplaying and RPGs? A dungeon master, dragon, and NPC puppeteer rolled up in one? If so, you might want to try playing Dungeons & Dragons in solo play.

Let’s see what you’ve got! Pull up your character sheet, warm up those dice rolls, and take our single-player “tabletop” solo adventure quiz The Tavern Quest.

With 8 possible endings, can you find them all?

For serious though. Can you really play D&D alone?

Yep, you can totally play Dungeons and Dragons without a sidekick. Be the game master, the Death Knight’s Squire (we’re looking at you, Paul Bimler), and everything in between with the solo adventurer’s toolbox of random dungeons and combat encounters.

The gameplay might not be as … interesting … as it is with a group, but let’s face it: sometimes, that’s a good thing. With nobody to steal your magic items or make that one noob move that’s sure to get everyone killed, you might have a better chance to survive as a lone wolf.

You can always choose your own adventure through standalone play if you’re in a pinch — or use it to test the build on your very own fifth edition DMS Guild homebrew module!

Whatever your reasons, solo-player adventures can be really fun if you set them up the right way.

Okay, so how do you play D&D solo?

There are two main ways to jump into solo adventure D&D 5e play (or any other edition, for that matter.) Choose whichever you like for your first solo adventure. Then, try the other.

Option 1: Play all the characters yourself

Yeah, spoiler alert — you’re probably going to guess what happens here. That said, these fantasy grounds hold no limits. If you really get into the characters, they might surprise you, running off in directions you never intended.

Some solid roleplaying can keep the fun in any solo adventure.

Option 2: Use randomizers to see what happens next

Add a few surprises by rolling for random encounters like you would in any other campaign. Or take that dice rolling to a new level by building random charts that include NPC encounters and reactions, environmental hazards, and more.

Wizards of the Coast doesn’t have anything on you, friend. When you build your own dungeon master’s guide, the sky’s the limit!

Books and tools you’ll want for solo DnD adventures

You don’t need anything all that special to run a solo adventure campaign. There are plenty of 5e solo gamebooks to choose from, but the usual guides and supplements will do, especially if you’re looking to build your own.

So, sure, pick up a solo adventure like Drums at Daggerford, or create your own campaign from scratch. The best part of D&D is bringing your imagination to life!

Final thoughts

If you feel drawn to play your own solo adventures and invent new D&D modules, welcome to the true Dungeon Masters Guild — the worldwide guild of creatives who’ve added their own twists to the D&D universe.

Who do you want to be today? Quest on, brave soul — adventure awaits!

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