Isabell and the players get ready for all the new things coming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this December!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate December Guide

Seasonal events in animal crossing are just the best. You get new items, clothes, and patterns to celebrate with your lovely little Islanders. 

The winter is always so beautiful on the island with snow-capped trees and ornaments decorating them. But what else is there to do besides just look at how pretty everything is? What are the new fish? What are the insects you can catch this month? How do you get unique items?

These are all questions we will cover. Here is a brief summary of everything to look forward to in ACNH this December from the winter solstice items to toy day itself, get ready for an island packed with holiday fun!

The Start of the Holiday Season

Snow capped trees ACNH.

To start with December is the start of the winter solstice celebration. All seasonal island items are available from December 1 to July 6. You can get these items by popping balloons in the sky and receiving patterns to make them you might be able to find them in the shop or maybe your villagers will even gift you some. 

One day in December snow will begin to fall and you can talk to Tormiter to receive a snowman model. 

Make sure to also start stocking up on your wrapping paper and looking for gifts for your Islanders. This will make sure that you have the perfect gift for them by toy day. You might also want to start shaking the trees that have ornaments on them. This will give you plenty of crafting supplies for holiday-themed items.

Wreath Day

Wreath Day in ACNH.
Image by Animal Crossing World

The next day you need to mark your calendar for is December 15th. From this day to the 26 if you have a chat with your islanders then they may see it fit to give you a festive wreath that you can hang on your walls or front door. 

The Day of The Winter Solstice

On December 21 Winter solstice will begin. On this day it stays dark all day. Make sure to chat with Isabelle who will give you a blue glow wand. You can see the Arora in the sky, but it will disappear early in the “night”.

Toy Day

Toy Day in ACNH
Image by Bidoof Crossing

On December 24th, possibly the biggest event in December is Toy Day. If you chat with Tormiter he will give you a gift at the start of the day.

Jingle will also be on your island that night. If you talk to him you will receive gifts as well that you can only get exclusively from him. He will ask you five questions and the gift you receive will depend on how you answer his question.

He will also give you three recipes for wrapping paper, that you can then use to wrap presents for your villagers for the gift exchange that day. Once you have crafted these three wrapping papers he will gift you a magic bag and stocking to hang. Then once you have delivered the gifts in the bag to your villagers make sure you chat with Jingle again to receive a pattern for a pile of toys and a pattern for a sleigh.

Make sure to hang your stocking so that receive a special surprise in the morning.

New Years Eve

Image by Rokkenjima

On December 31 Torimer will be outside hosting a party for you and your islanders. There will be a big clock counting down and you can buy hats from him. Late that night there will be a big fireworks display. Then December is over and the new year begins!

December Fish

These are not all the fish you can catch in December but rather one’s that you will be able to start catching again starting December. 

  • Pond Smelt 
  • Stringfish
  • Sea Butterfly 
  • Squid
  • Oarfish
Oarfish ACNH

December Insects

The same applies to these insects. They are not all the insects available in December, but the ones you will see starting in December.

  • Emperor Butterfly
  • Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing
  • Dung Beetle
Emperor Butterfly ACNH


That’s it! That is how to end your ACNH year in all of its extravagances. I am sure I missed a few things so if you have any tips, tricks, or secrets, let me know. Enjoy your holidays a don’t forget to start on your DIYs!