A Guide To Organizing Your Craft Room

So if you’re a crafter, you know things can get a little out of hand when you have so many projects. Us creators rarely have just one project. My craft room often ends up looking like a disaster zone, and when things don’t have a place they belong, it tends to stay a disaster zone. 

For me, this discouraged me from crafting. To avoid that from happening I decided it was time to take on a labor of love and organize my craft room. So if you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s how to organize a craft room, or at least how I organized my cosplay craft room from ideas to items!


Here are the general steps I took.

  1. Clean Out
    • Took almost everything out of the room and got rid of the trash or things I didn’t need anymore.
  2. Gather Supplies
    • Get your new organization pieces (furniture, bins, pegboards).
  3. Set-Up
    • Move your furniture in and put up the hooks and pegboards.
  4. Put it Back
    • Put your items back now that you have the locations set up for them, organizing them into their new places as you go.
  5. Enjoy
    • Enjoy your new space that you created and designed just for yourself!


First, I think you need to decide what type of work spaces you need. For me, I needed a work room best suited for cosplay, a cosplay craft room. This means I work with a lot of different materials from fabrics to thermoplastics. I need a large surface area for cutting and a space for sewing. I originally had a quite small desk for all my crafting. Since that was not working out for me, I went bargain hunting for a large desk. 

Complete craft room after organization.
My finished craft room.

If you are mostly sewing, one small to medium sized desk might be suitable for you depending on what you make or if you paper craft. You know what size desk will work best for you and that will determine what you need to organize the rest of your craft room. 

I was lucky enough to find two of Ikea’s discontinued Galant desks at a Restore location with the leaf in the middle to connect them for a sum total of $75.00. You can still find these for sale online at places like eBay and Facebook marketplace, but Ikea does have a new model they offer for sale if you just want something new and similar. It’s called the Bekant Corner Desk and you can always get 1 left and 1 right desk and push them together for the same effect. 

Ikea's Bekant corner desk, new version of the Galant.
Ikea’s Bekant Left Desk

Make sure you measure and plan out a spot for the desk because your craft room will be centered around it. You should try to let the natural light from windows hit the desk, and not your back when you’re working. That should help you to see better and not block your own light.

Wall Storage

So, if you’re going to Ikea there are a couple of items I can’t recommend enough to get there. For starters, get a Skadis Pegboard, or get four. Seriously, there is a reason they are constantly selling out of these things. They can get hooks, cups, clips and trays to help organize the things you use often. It allows you to keep these items out and maintain organization. Plus, wall storage is extremely underrated, it saves you so much floor space and makes the room feel more open. 

If you are not going to Ikea or don’t have access to Ikea, don’t worry, Amazon has a great dupe with high reviews that you can order here. You can also pick up a pegboard a tons of hardware stores, you might just have limited accessory options.

 Don’t stop here with the wall storage. Add hooks to the wall to hang your cutting mats, rulers and other items that you just don’t want taking up that table space. For me, I also plan on ordering a sewing thread rack to keep my threads organized and displayed so I always know what colors I have.

Of course, if you have the desk space or a shelf and want to use it there are plenty of options for that at Joann’s and other crafting stores.


Last thing I have from Ikea is one of their Kallax shelf units. These are the typical cube storage that has become so popular and you can get them just about anywhere these days. I stand by the IKEA one because I have had mine for over 5 years now and it is sturdy as heck but you can get these from just about any store that carries furniture and again Amazon has a great dupe with good reviews that you can buy here.

This shelf is large, so make sure you have the space before picking it up, but you can store any costume pieces in these cubes. I like to use mine for wigs, small accessories, photo shoot equipment, etc.  

I also use large plastic shelves for storing my fabrics and patterns, and they work fine, but I do plan on eventually replacing them with a sturdier option once I find one that fits my needs. These are a great affordable option though for fabrics and patterns. 

Organization Units

I LOVE my standard little desk organizer that I have. It doesn’t take up too much room and it’s just so handy for keeping things like different sewing feet, pens, extra scissors, etc. These are a pretty standard item so you can pick them up anywhere, or maybe you already have one. I found this one super cheap on Amazon.

If you have a lot of paints too, finding the color you want and keeping them together can be such a hassle. You can find wall storage for them, which might be a good idea for you if you have a tight space. A spice rack is a great fit for storing paints.

A spice rack is a great way to

I personally like keeping mine on my desk but it is important that they don’t take up too much space so I love these tall racks that store the paint sideways in an easy to see way. I was able to find mine second hand at a Goodwill, but here is a very similar unit that can stand on the desk or mount to the wall.

So, one of the things I got that I am the most excited about utilizing is a rolling tri-tier cart. This is super handy for moving projects and items around the room so that you don’t have to pick stuff up and move it every time you change location. You can also very easily roll this out of the way for more space and store items that way.

I got mine from Joann’s because it’s a tad larger and can carry more than others I have seen, including the Ikea one, plus they have a great color selection. With coupons it was also cheaper, so make sure you get it on sale or with a coupon for the best value.

Storage Bins

A couple of smaller things that help me stay organized are project containers and small organization bins. Again you can find these anywhere, and use them to hold just about anything. I use my project bins to hold fabric scraps, finished Etsy products, handmade patterns, etc. For the small storage bins I keep elastic, buckles and my mask making supplies in them.

I usually use cups, or smaller organizers to hold smaller items like my nail polish and contacts that I use for my cosplays. This helps to just keep them together on my shelves and in drawers. There are a million different types of containers you can use to do this.


I know eventually all of these items can add up quickly but you have options. I have collected a lot of these items over years of crafting. Don’t make yourself feel like this has to be a single day project. Take your time and find the items that fit your needs. This will avoid you having to front the cost all at once.

Another thing I love to do is find items at resale places. You can frequently find organization and furniture at Goodwill and Restore. If you absolutely want new items then stores like TJ Maxx or Ross might be good options for you. I personally find that using coupons has allowed me to get items from the original sellers for the same price at times.

Final Thoughts

Final setup for my desk corner.

Make your craft room reflect you and what you love to make. You’ll be certain to end up with something you are proud of. Having an organized space has made me much more enthusiastic to craft and makes my projects go by with less effort and searching for things.

Of course, as crafters we know that the work is never done and there are still things I plan on eventually replacing or investing in such as a label maker. I am sure that as you go through this process there will be things that you realize you want or need too and that’s A-OK.

I hope this helps you to create a space you love and feel motivated in!

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