8 Last Minute Amazon Prime Nerdy Halloween Costumes

This time of year is so busy, and even though Halloween is an extremely exciting holiday, costumes can fall by the wayside. Next thing you know Halloween is a week or two away and you don’t have a costume or cosplay to wear. You could run to the store, but a lot of the best costumes may already be taken, but don’t worry you can still dress up!

Here are 8 geeky cosplays for us nerds who love Halloween and don’t want to miss out!

All of these are on Amazon and at the time the article was released are Amazon Prime items, therefore you should be able to rely on quick shipping. Many parts of these costumes are simple and you may find them at your local thrift store or already in your closet. To find the items listed click the description under the image.

Now let’s get to it! Trick or treat and happy Halloween!

1. Naruto

This cosplay comes in variations for adults, children, and women. So if you are an anime fan, this might be a perfect match for you. It’s super comfy because you’re basically wearing a tracksuit, plus you can do some pretty awesome poses.

Naruto Costume

Naruto Wigs

2. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Not only are these costumes nerdy, but they are iconic characters that anyone would recognize. The characters wear normal clothes, so you should be comfortable while also enjoying some childhood nostalgia.

Scooby Human and Dog Accessories





3. The Twilight Baseball Scene

This one is perfect for mostly using items you already own, or getting a little crafty with the look. Instead of full already put-together costumes, I made a list of items so that you can pick one of the Cullens and make the look come together yourself.

Jersey and Pants

Baseball Hat

Baseball Tee and Alice Wig

Harley Quinn

Herley is the queen of Gotham and Halloween because so many people love her. She is one of the best-known villains and is easily recognized by all who see her whether they are DC or Marvel fans. Harley is another character that you can buy the whole costume or get creative with her by mix-matching pieces.

Bunnysuit and Wig

Children’s Harley Costumes

Harley Accessories

Space Jam

Space Jam is a classic and therefore everyone is bound to have seen it! This is the perfect costume if you are sporty and pairs great with a significant other as well. You can wear this costume solo or add as many members to the group as you like. All I know is that this outfit screams sporty comfort.

Lola Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Star Trek

Star Trek is one of the more nerdy on the list, so you may not get recognized as much, but if someone knows who are then you might just make a new friend. This is also a great one to wear solo or have a group of friends join you in. Just beware if you dress up as a red shirt.

Red Shirts

Blue Shirts

Yellow Shirts


It’s about time we added a gaming costume to the list. It’s time to catch them all and by that we mean get all the candy as these iconic Pokemon trainers. Ash might be retired now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive the magic and adventure as our favorite characters from the original games.

Ash Ketchum



Adventure Time

Lastly, we have something new on our list! With Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake out now everyone is going to be so excited to see your costume. These are great outfits because you can easily re-wear the clothes for everyday life too. Plus if you’re having a bad hair day no one will know!

Finn/Fionna Hat and Backpack

Finn’s Shirt

Fionna Costume

So that’s all! Grab your last-minute Halloween costumes and enjoy your holiday however you celebrate! I hope your bucket overflows with treats… and maybe a few tricks, but mostly treats!