Various secrets from Cult of the Lamb.

6 Secrets in Cult of The Lamb

Cult of the Lamb has been compared to Animal Crossing, but with murder. While you do have an isolated area where you collect “followers”; that area is the base for your cult, and half of the followers are monsters (but some are still pretty dang cute). Otherwise, there aren’t a ton of similarities. Cult of the Lamb is more dungeon-crawly and has more storyline.

You can play however you want and there are so many small hidden details, so let’s take a look at 6 secrets hidden in the bushes.

1. Items are hidden in the environment.

Extra items hidden in the environment in Cult of the Lamb.

When you are doing a run through one of the various 4 zones, make sure you cut down all the rocks and grass. Not only are these essential resources, especially early on in the gameplay but sometimes they also hide secret items. This can range from items like farm goods and gifts to health that will aid in your survivability. 

Even items you might not think hold resources, will. For example, the offering statues at the beginning of each run can also be destroyed for additional stones.

Follower forms can also be hidden in the environment around you such as the Star follower form that can be found in a random gold pile in Midas’s Cave. The Crab follower form can be unlocked by catching the crab creature in Smugglar’s Sanctuary.

Make sure you do this when you are in special rooms such as the cat vendor’s room, as they usually have extra rewards hidden in the items around them.

2. If you hit Rakshasa’s snail you can fight them and unlock a blueprint.

Rakshasa's snail wife in Cult of the Lamb.

If you encounter Rakshasa he will offer you goods to buy, usually seeds or plants that you can use to feed your villagers. When you go to clear the room he is in though, there will usually be people gathered to eat (he is a chef after all) and a massive snail behind him. 

You can destroy everything in the room but as soon as you lay a hand on the snail, his wife, he will warn you not to touch her again. On the fourth hit, he will begin to attack you himself. Be careful because he has a ton of HP and it will take you longer than average to kill him, but his attacks aren’t very strong so you should be fine if you pace yourself. 

Once you defeat him, he will give you a particular blueprint for a Massive Monster Shrine. Build this back at your cult and pray to it at night to unlock a special follower form that looks like the altar.

3. Unlock the snail follower appearance by finding the 5 snail statues.

Unlocking the Snail Statues in Cult of the Lamb.

When you are on your crusades in Anura, you will slowly start to gather small snail shells. I was confused about what there were for, but save them, they are important! You will eventually get 5 total and then the hunt begins for what to do with them. 

As you should know by now, different locations will be open to you now that you didn’t have at the start of the game. In these locations, there are somewhat hidden and indiscreet statues that have snails on them without shells. Give the statues the shells you found and once you have completed all five, you will unlock the snail follower form. 

So where are these statues?

  • Lonely Shack
  • Pilgrim’s Passage 
  • Spore Grotto
  • Smugglar’s Sanctuary
  • Midas’s Cave

4. Sacrifice to the evil fox in order to unlock a new cape (peer into darkness).

Sacrificing followers to the evil fox in Cult of The Lamb.

When your villagers go to sleep at night, you run out of things to do sometimes, so obviously, you go exploring. You might notice in some areas, there’s an option to “peer into the darkness”. Don’t do that unless you are willing to sacrifice one of your followers. 

If you choose SACRIFICE MUAHAHA…ahem… then you will meet the Red Fox. Like the snail statues, he will appear in multiple locations, and where you can find him is marked on the ground by moon shapes. 

Each time you sacrifice to him (whatever it may be…) he will hand over a holy talisman, which you will need in order to unlock new capes for your lamb. He will also give you the wolf follower form for your cult as well. 

The areas the Red Fox will appear in are:

  • Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Spore Grotto
  • Smuggler’s Sanctuary
  • Midas’s Cave

5. If you give the angry tree his own gold he will curse you.

Offering gold to the tree in Cult of the Lamb.

If you are going on runs, you may at some point run into a very angry, creepy-looking tree. This tree is actually called The Statue of The Beast. If you make an offering to the tree it may reward you. The offering is 20 gold which at the start of the game might be too valuable for you to give away, but later on, will feel like nothing. 

While you’re in the room with the tree you may have noticed that there are bags of gold sitting everywhere. So naturally, you may want to destroy the bags and give the gold back to the tree, but that is actually a terrible idea. 

The tree is no dummy, he will know that you have stolen the gold from him and will angrily keep the offering you have given him. So safe to say if you take his gold, don’t talk to him.

6. You can hypnotize your followers.

The Mushroom Ritual in Cult of the Lamb.

So you won’t be able to start on this quest line until you reach Anura, but it is well worth the wait. In Anura, you’ll notice the general fall forest theme of the zone. Naturally, with a fall theme, we get lots of mushrooms! Cut all of these mushrooms down, you will need them. You can even plant and harvest them too.

Eventually, you will meet the mushroom folk in this area that will invite you to meet their leader Sozo, and that will open up a new zone full of little mushroom people on drugs. It is adorably trippy. Their leader Sozo will ask you for batches of mushrooms in exchange for holy talismans. You can use these to unlock new capes, but that’s not the best part.

Once you give Sozo so many mushrooms they will offer to teach you how to perform a special ritual in which you can hypnotize your followers. This means they won’t get upset with you while you’re away on conquests. They will remain at max faith for an entire two days. When the effects of the mushrooms wear off some will be sick, but luckily they can just bed rest or you can heal them.

Crusade on!

So there are 6 secrets for Cult of the Lamb! There are honestly so many small hidden details in this game, so take your time and explore everything. Enjoy your gaming experience and let me know if you want more Cult of the Lamb content because I cannot stop playing this game!