21 DnD Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The internet is full of fantastic Dungeons & Dragons memes. From hilarious jokes about rolling dice to clever puns about spells and magic items, there’s no shortage of great DnD memes out there. Here are some of the best DnD memes we could find!

But wait … what is DnD?

For those who are unfamiliar, DnD is the tabletop role-playing game that puts the power of storytelling and imagination in your hands.

As a Dungeon Master, you can create an entire world of adventure with whatever tools and resources you have available. And as a player, you get to explore that world with your own unique character and experience it from their point of view, having tons of adventures along the way.

For many, Dnd is an escape from reality where they can completely immerse themselves into a different world. It’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to the game — and equally drawn to making up DnD memes about it!

Memes and DnD — a complete history in 2 seconds

DnD (aka Dungeons & Dragons, aka D&D) was first published in 1974, destined to bring tabletop gaming to the masses. And the official birthday of the internet was in 1983. Since DnD was around first, the history of DnD memes is literally as long as the history of the internet itself, or pretty darn close.

The first intern DnD memes would have been text-based, showing up in chat rooms. We’re thinking things like this:

“Roll for initiative!”

“It’s a critical hit!”

“I cast fireball!”

We’re not sure if memes without images really qualify as memes, but hey, who are we to judge?

These days, DnD memes come in all shapes and sizes — from funny photos to clever videos. But the humor is still there! Whether it’s poking fun at the game itself or just making jokes about the characters, DnD memes help us laugh at some of the more ridiculous aspects of the game.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best DnD memes on the internet. Enjoy!

Different Types of DnD Memes

There are many different types of DnD memes out there, from funny photos to clever videos. Some jokes focus on the game itself and its rules, while others focus on the characters that inhabit the world of Dungeons & Dragons as well as their various abilities. Here are some of the most popular types of DnD memes

Dice Roll Memes

Adventuring parties roll dice to see what happens along the way—who hits and who misses in battles, how much damage abilities do, maybe a perception check to see what they notice around them, and so on. When rolls go well, parties rejoice. When they go poorly … well, sometimes that’s funny too. That’s why dice roll memes are so popular — they help us laugh at the highs and lows that come with playing DnD.

Picard rolls a one, disappointed face. Picard rolls a 20, cheering.

My rolls out of combat. My rolls during combat.

Ridiculous Level Memes

Parties level up by earning experience. You get more spells and abilities as you level, and you can also do more damage. The higher your level, the higher level monsters you can take on and hope to survive. Ridiculous-level memes poke fun at the idea that some players (or DMs!) take it a little too far, reaching levels that are just unrealistic. Or that parties sometimes get in way over their heads.

Signs your DM hates youAlright, you picked your Wizard spells? Okay, looks good to me. Now...You see...

I don't have to outrun the dragon, just the poor schlub with a base land speed to 20.

When the DM is very generous with magic items"I gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific."

Class-Specific Memes

Each class has its own unique set of abilities and specializations, which makes them suited for different kinds of adventuring. Class-specific memes focus on these talents, poking fun at the abilities of each class, and how they can be used … or misused. They also call out class stereotypes, like the wizard being bookish, the rogue being sneaky, the bard being annoying, and so on.

Paladin: "Hey has anyone seen the Bard or Rogue? There were here 60 seconds ago..."The Bard & Rogue, 500 gold deep in an illegal alley-gambling game:

*party shares their backstory*
Veteran Paladin: "...and thats how i lost my squad of warriors"
"oh my god! thats terrible. where?"

Dm: Make an intelligence saving throw
"My time has come"

Dungeon Master Memes

Dungeon Masters (DMs) have the job of creating stories and worlds for parties of players to explore. Sometimes they get a bit creative with it — which can lead to some hilarious situations. Dungeon Master memes are all about poking fun at the various situations both DMs and their parties can run into.

Once I became a DM I finally understood the scene where Yoda gets so tired of answering Luke's questions he just dies.

An unbeatable evil has risen. I'll send heroes to try to stop it from ending mankind. QuestgiverYou're sending high level heroes, right?QuestgiverYou are sending high level heroes, right?

When your players have a theory about your story and it's way better than what you had in mind"Well no, actually yes"

Spell-Specific Memes

Mages, wizards, warlocks, clerics … barbarians? These days just about any character class can cast spells. And some of those class spells are so powerful they inspire their own memes! These spell-specific memes focus on how these magical abilities are used in the game, often with hilarious consequences.

DM: Because you offened her, the Warlock's patron curses you.Paladin: Crap.DM: From now on, your Find Steed and Find Greater Steed spells will only summon Lady Marshmellow.Paladin: What? [Casts Find Steed]

Don't be part of the problem...BE THE WHOLE PROBLEM

I didn't ask how big the room wasI said I cast Fireball.

Sneak Attack Memes

Sneak attack memes focus on the rogue class and their sneaky ways. They often poke fun at the rogue’s ability to deal extra damage by attacking from hiding or using other kinds of stealthy maneuvers. These types of memes also touch on the idea that rogues can sometimes be a bit too sneaky, getting themselves into trouble with their over-the-top stunts.

Rolling a crit on sneak attack when you're in disguise.

Tabaxi rogue: Y'all want me tosneak attack?

Rogue/ClericCurewounds +15 HPSneak attack -15 HP

Character Creation in DnD Memes

To start playing DnD, you need to create a character. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, class proficiencies, and so on. But filling out that character sheet isn’t always easy. Character creation in DnD can be a long and tedious process, leading to some hilarious memes.

DM: The care is very dar-4/5 party member, screeching simultaneously: I HAVE DARK VISIONThat One Human Of The Party
"Guess I'm blind"

Me after creating the strangest DND character posable
"Rise, my glorious creation. Rise!"

DM: so do you have a character ready for this campaign?Me:
"200.000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way"

Class Guide for 5th Edition Classes

It can be tricky to decide which character class to choose in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Each class has its own unique set of abilities and specializations, so it pays to do your research. To make this process a little easier, here’s a guide to the classes available in 5th Edition DnD.


The Artificer is one of the newest classes available in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Although it was not originally a central character class, the Artificer has become a popular choice for adventurers. They specialize in using magical items and creating their own magical inventions.


The Barbarian is one of the most recognizable character classes in Dungeons & Dragons. The primary ability strength makes the barbarian class perfect for those who want to play fierce warriors who use their rage to fuel their ferocity in battle. They are often seen as chaotic or wild, but some barbarians choose to focus less on their damage in combat and more on surviving battle-heavy damage.


Bards are spellcasters with a unique set of abilities that make them the life of any DnD party — especially with their primary ability charisma. They specialize in manipulating sound to create magical effects, from charming enemies to inspiring courage in allies. Bards often consider themselves the most charismatic class. They can use their musical talents to change the course of battle, and they make great scouts due to their heightened senses. 


An appealing class for those who like to play caster classes with a more supporting role, clerics can offer an armor class bonus to their party, ability boosts, and increased levels of damage. Another awesome cleric ability is their protection from evil. In fact, there are very few cleric weaknesses, making them a great addition to any adventure party.


A regular beast in battle, druids can take the shape of different animals, making them a kind of hybrid class that can fill many different party roles. This complex class uses the primary ability wisdom. As a class with access to many different shapes and sizes, be sure to keep this class in mind as one of your most versatile character options.


One of the DnD 5e martial classes, fighter class stats hinge on strength or dexterity. Probably the most common 1st level character, fighters do decent amounts of damage in combat. But if you’re looking to fill spell slots with awesome spells like fireball, the fighter class is not for you.


Considered by some to be a complex class, the monk offers balanced battle skills between strength and dexterity. Monks are often seen as a mix between martial arts experts and spiritual warriors. Another one of the martial classes, the monk fills a fighting party role and excels at hand-to-hand combat.


The Paladin is the ultimate champion of righteousness, often serving as a leader in battle. With few weaknesses, paladins are often considered one of the most powerful classes in DnD 5e. They offer solid levels of damage in battle and can heal too, although they pick up those skills a bit later than clerics.


Rangers are the ultimate hunters, with a deep connection to nature and the outdoors. One of their primary abilities is dexterity, which makes them great for ranged combat. They also specialize in tracking enemies and can use their skills to outmaneuver foes. At higher levels, they can even pick up spell slots.


Rogues can pick locks and use stealth to their advantage, making them a great addition to any party that needs to infiltrate high-security areas. They are the ultimate thieves, but they can also provide support in battle if needed. The rogue’s sneak attack lets it do massive damage.


With the primary ability charisma, sorcerers are considered the “glass cannon” of spell casters. They can do massive amounts of damage, but they have to be careful not to put themselves in too much danger. Sorcerers can also pick up spell slots, making them a versatile class with plenty of potential.


Another class with the primary ability charisma, warlocks are spellcasters who make pacts with powerful entities for magical power. Their damage-dealing potential is strong, and as warlock characters level, they can also pick up some defensive spells.


Based on the primary ability intelligence, wizards in DnD 5e are considered reliable spellcasters. They have access to a wide variety of spells that can help them out in battle, and they can also do huge amounts of damage with their various abilities.

What DnD character class are you like in real life?

Not sure what to play? Take our character class quiz and see what DnD character you are in real life!