18 Book Lover Gifts That Make Shopping Easy

It’s the holidays, and you know what that means. It’s time to start making your lists and checking them twice. It can be hard to find the perfect gift for book lovers, especially for someone on your list with specific interests or hobbies. As a fellow bookworm, I’m here to help give you ideas for book lovers.

Finding bookish gifts for readers depends on their genre and personal literary tastes. So I’ve listed 18 items with a variety of popular gifts for book lovers and more niche options. So let’s get to looking at these beautiful book gifts.

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1. Reading Planner

A reading planner or tracker might sound less exciting to the non-bookish gifter. However, a large number of avid readers set reading challenges for themselves and try to finish so many books or pages each month. This gift can help them keep track of their reading routine and their reading time.

2. Book Ends

When you get such a massive collection of books, one thing you will certainly need is a nice pair of bookends. What is even better is when those bookends match your books. Depending on your reader you may want to pick bookends that match their reading taste, but my personal favorites are these Lord of The Rings Gate of Gondor Bookends. I think these are a pretty safe bet because everyone who knows Lord of The Rings loves Lord of The Rings, and even if you don’t these still look awesome.

3. Audible Subscription / Audible Membership

Even those readers who like reading from a tablet or book have to drive sometimes. That’s what makes Audible such a great gift for every reader. When your eyes have to be on something else you can keep on reading. Audible also has free monthly books, podcasts, and other features for subscribers. Anyone with a smart device from a phone to a tablet can appreciate it.

4. Book Light

Book lights are great for all readers because they help ensure you’re not straining your eyes, which we tend to do. Flexible book lights used to be the go-to purchase for many book readers, but they don’t travel easily and often require you to replace batteries somewhat frequently. Thankfully for us, book lights have evolved. Now book lights like the one from the Amazon shop listed here are rechargeable, have different light settings, and are compact for easy travel.

5. Book Cover Art Print

A unique and personal gift that you can give your reader is a print of their favorite books. If you talk to your bookworm it won’t be long before they share a few of their favorite titles with you. Once you know that you can just submit the title to this Etsy artist and they will print it on a canvas for you. The print includes the book cover, the year of publication, the first sentence, and the author’s signature.

6. Personalized Bookmark

It’s impossible to have a gift list for readers and not have bookmarks on it. With endless options for bookmarks, it can easily become difficult to pick one out of the masses. That’s why I think making it a personalized gift can make it stand out! This bookmark is not only personalized with their initial, but you can also add their birthflower and its scented.

7. Book Box

There are tons of different book boxes to choose from. The reason I picked Owlcrate is because they have boxes for all ages and different reading levels. That makes Owlcrate the perfect option for whatever type of reading level your bookworm may be at. Owlcrate comes with unique exclusive items each month including its own special edition of that monthly book. It also features special items including books that members get first access to.

8. Classic Title Collection

One thing every book lover wants in their book collection is a set of their favorite literary classics. That can range widely from Jane Austin to Edgar Allan Poe. This is one of the safest ways to gift your reader an actual book since you don’t have to worry about buying them something they already read, because, well that’s the point. Even if they haven’t read it then they have a beautiful set of classic titles to add to their bookshelf. That’s a win-win.

9. Book Sleeve

Book sleeves are like pockets to protect your beloved books. These are essential for travel because they help to keep your books from getting damaged, or even losing your place in them. One thing I love about this book sleeve is that it comes in great neutral colors so you can’t go wrong with gifting it, but it also has an extra zipper pouch on the front that aids in keeping organized.

10. Lit Joy Subscription

Litjoy is an online book community that offers subscription services you can join for a reasonable price of $10 a month. While many book communities are free on social platforms, this one is moderated and gives you access to exclusive books and collector’s items from popular series. This group feels more like a book club and therefore you basically have access to exclusive book club gifts. Plus you get to call yourself a Lunacorn!

11. Book Reading Socks

Every bookworm likes to be cozy when they are reading. Most of the time you can find us in lounge clothes nestled in a corner somewhere with a blanket and a cozy pair of socks. That’s why these literary socks are such a great gift for a reader. There is no doubt they will enjoy them and get used. The writing on the bottom of the socks says it all “Just one more chapter”.

12. Coffee Table Book

Surely, we have enough books right?! Absolutely not. One truth about all book lovers is that we never have enough books. We also like to decorate with books. That’s why a coffee table book is a perfect gift for book lovers. Something with a nice color scheme and interesting design that their guests can enjoy looking at. My personal favorite is Temples Of Books: Magnificent Libraries Around The World because we also enjoy books about books.

13. Reading Journal

Reading journals might seem a lot like reading planners, and in some ways they are, but there are some key differences. Reading journals are less about keeping track of your reading goals, and their use doesn’t expire after a certain amount of time. Reading journals keep track of things like your reading experience with a particular book and your literary history. These are great for readers who just want to keep up with their thoughts on previous reads.

14. Wine Glass

For your adult reader, a wine glass could be a great gift option. There is nothing more cozy than settling down with a nice fluffy blanket, a romance novel, and a glass of wine! This wine glass is sure to bring a smile to their face with the quote “bookmarks are for quitters” across the front of it. It’s also not stemmed so it’s much easier to avoid knocking over when you’re reading.

15. Themed Playing Card Deck

Having a card game on hand is always great for travel or social gatherings, but why not make the deck special? Themed gifts are the way to go with readers, and this A Court of Thornes and Roses-inspired playing card deck is absolutely stunning! You’re gifting them something they are sure to use and allowing them to express their love for their fandom in one!

16. The Book Seat

The book seat is perfect for anyone who likes to read physical copies of books or uses a tablet. Sometimes your arms get tired or you just want your hands to be free so you can be more comfortable. The bookseat is the best solution to that! It props your books up for you so that you can comfortably sit and read anywhere from your couch to outside on camping trips. Plus it has a little pocket on the back to store your headphones.

17. Candle

Many bookworms will buy candles to coordinate with their favorite series, but if you are unsure of the books they like, or they already have those candles, this one is the perfect option. Book hangovers are exactly what they sound like, the feeling you get when a great read is over and you don’t know what to do next. Every reader experiences them, and that’s why you can gift this to anyone who reads. This candle is a soy candle too making it hypoallergenic and safe for your pets to be around.

18. Thriftbooks Gift Card

Thriftbooks is an online used bookstore that sells previously loved books for a discounted price. Not only does this store support the sustainability of books, but it also has special covers and copies that can no longer be bought in normal retail stores. A gift card to here would go a long way for your bookworm and also make a great stocking stuffer and who doesn’t like getting gift cards?