13 Top Goth League of Legends Skins

It’s not surprising that League of Legends has a huge collection of Gothic style skins. It was basically made for edge lords. So I went through all 159 champions and their skins to find the most goth skins for you guys. 

I tried to stray away from emo, punk and generally alternative unless it overlapped or fell into a genre of goth. 

Now LoL has a “series” of goth skins already and by a series I mean 3. This is a theme that they have been vocal about revisiting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have skins already that scream goth. So here are all the goth skins I found and a list of the top 13. 

What is Goth?

Goth couple walking down the street. Photo by Brett Sayles.

The Oxford Dictionary states that goth is “a performer or fan of [goth] music, or anyone who adopts a similar appearance, typically through the use of dark eye make-up and pale skin coloring, dark clothes, and bulky metallic jewellery”.

Really goth is a subculture of people who enjoy alternative fashion usually in darker colors but not always. It is incredibly hard to define what goth really is because all goth people are different and the culture has expanded to include so many different styles.

I have done my best to put the style of goth next to the skin that they are but the truth is that everyone is going to define it differently and that is OK. The goth community is generally a very accepting and inclusive community so I deeply encourage you to look more into it if you enjoy the goth aesthetic.

Canon Goth Skins

So these are the canonical goth skins within the LoL universe, and as you can tell this line of skins hasn’t gotten any attention in quite some time. Despite that these skins still hold their own.

  • Emumu – Emo Goth
  • Goth Annie – Gothic Lolita
  • Gothic Oriana – Gothic Lolita

Other Goth Skins

Coven Zyra skin from League of Legends.
Coven Zyra
  • Arcanist Shaco – Gothic Academia
  • Aristocrat Vayne – Vampire Goth
  • Bewitching Morgana – Romantic/Victorian Goth
  • Bittersweet Lulu – Pastel Goth
  • Black Scourge Singed – Victorian Goth
  • Bloodstone Taric – Gothic Fantasy
  • Count Kassadin – Vampire Goth
  • Count Vladimir – Vampire Goth
  • Coven Ahri – Gothic Academia
  • Coven Morgana – Romantic Goth
  • Coven Zyra – Gothic Academia
  • Ghost Bride Morgana – Romantic Goth
  • God-king Darius – Gothic Fantasy
  • Iron Inquisitor Kayle – Victorian Goth
  • Nightraven Fiora – Gothic Fantasy
  • Nosferatu Vladimir – Victorian Goth
  • Noxus Poppy – Metal Goth
  • Pax twisted fate – Cowboy Goth
  • Pentakill Sona – Metal Goth
  • Ravenborn LeBlanc – Romantic Goth
  • Reaper Hecarim – Metal Goth
  • Sewn Chaos Orianna – Pastel Goth
  • Shadow Evelynn – Emo Goth
  • Withered Rose Elise – Romantic Goth 
  • Withered Rose Syndra – Romantic Goth

Goth Champions

Now you might have noticed that I didn’t include the default designs of the characters in my list. 

I wanted to focus on some of the amazing designs you can get to add more goth to your LoL, but there is plenty of goth already in the game. Here are some of the champions that don’t need a skin to make them goth. 

Default Viego from League of Legends.
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Gwen
  • Kalista
  • Morgana
  • Shaco
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Veigar 
  • Vex 
  • Viego

Top 13 Goth Skins

1. Aristocrat Vayne

Aristocrat Vayne skin from League of Legends.

Vayne is a monster hunter who seeks revenge on the demon that took her family from her. So she is basically Van Helsing already. She is even dressed like Anna Valerious and let’s be honest that movie was everyone’s goth fantasy.

This skin imagines her as an aristocratic monster hunter, with wealth to do whatever she wishes with. What does she do? She buys a golden crossbow.

2. Bittersweet Lulu

Bittersweet Lulu skin from League of Legends.

Lulu is a sweet and friendly Yordle, known for her spells and enchantments. I think the pastel goth look really suits her and I love the story that they gave this skin.

Bittersweet Lulu will give you what you wish for, powers you wish, but they will cost you your soul.

3. Black Scourge Singed

Black Scourge Singed skin from League of Legends.

Singed is an alchemist who has lost his humanity and now only cares for experiments. He is known for his horrifying creations and cruelty. It is no surprise that the story for this skin is not too different.

In his dreams he sees a queen that orders him to assist her in spreading her corruption. Of course he agrees.

4. Count Kassadin

Count Kassadin skin from League of Legends.

Kassadin has been consumed by the void that took everything from him. He collected powerful objects and vowed his life to seek revenge for the family that he lost. The story for this skin is quite different but one thing is consistent, he’s feared.

In this skin, Kassadin has become the inhabitant of a haunted house. All those who dare come near it on Hallows’ Eve come to deeply regret it.

5. Count Vladimir

Count Vladimir skin from League of Legends.

Vladimir has been consuming mortal blood since before the founding of Noxus. There he has expanded his political power with his powers for mind control while feasting on its civilians to extend his life. This skin doesn’t change his story much but gives him a much darker look.

Count Vladimir lives in a castle with a surrounding village. While he uses it to stay eternally young, the villagers fear a soul sucking mist that seeps from the castle he resides in.

6. Emumu

Emumu skin from League of Legends.

Amumu is already a little emo as is. He is a mummy who is cursed to harm any who get close to him. His touch causes pain but all he wants is a friend to keep him company. He searches the desert for freedom from his pain but in this skin he may have found the solution.

Emumu has turned all of those feelings of loneliness and pain into rock music but his bandmates are ghosts.

“Who needs living friends when they can only hurt you?”- at least one emo band somewhere.

7. Ghost Bride Morgana

Ghost Bride Morgana skin from League of Legends.

Morgana likes to break the mold. She is a fallen angel who chose to bind her wings to understand mortals better. She uses her magic to punish the corrupt by inflicting her own pain upon them. She stands for justice and truth and believes in the rise of the outcasts. This skin views Morgana in pain for another reason.

Ghost Bride Morgana has lost her love and only feels pain for her loss and misfortune. She takes her pain out among the living as she searches for her lost love along the river.

8. Gothic Annie

Gothic Annie skin from League of Legends.

Annie is an orphaned child who processes fire magic powers. She lives alone in the mountains, which is good due to the fact that she has little control over her emotions which lead to pyro-related problems. Since she is stuck as a child and has no one to play with she has learned to summon her buddy “Tibbers,” a fire bear of destruction.

This skin does little to change Annie’s Story, which is depressing enough, but instead makes her magic infinity dark.

9. Gothic Oriana

Gothic Oriana skin from League of Legends.

Oriana has a somewhat tragic backstory with a good ending. She once was an ailing human girl, destined for a bitter end. However, she was brought back to life in exchange for having an entirely clockwork body. She is now not only a companion, but also a lethal guardian. With her new body she has the freedom to enjoy life.

This skin re-imagines Oriana as someone who was given life but only craves darkness. Sometimes even a second chance at life doesn’t make you enjoy the light.

10. Noxus Poppy

Noxus Poppy skin from League of Legends.

Poppy is a knight for Demacia, leaving her life as a normal yordle behind to fight for the humans. She always admired their discipline and now protects the city that she helped to build. She was entrusted with a magical hammer by the founder of Demacia, looking for the one who deserves to wield it, even though we all know that she is its rightful owner.

This skin doesn’t give a story for Poppy but we can imagine from the name that this is what she would have looked like if she were to fight for Noxus instead.

11. Pentakill Sona

Pentakill Sona skin from League of Legends.

Sona is an acclaimed musician in Demacia for the upper-class and elite. Her melodies are known for having a profound effect on those who listen to them. In a city that has outlawed magic, Sona’s songs are dangerously rumored to contain the ability to heal and harm.

PENTAKILL is a metal band that Sona is a member of. Some may say keyboards aren’t metal, but Sona says they are if they are filled with barbed wire and a sonic scream, proving metal is the best genre.

12. Ravenborn Leblanc

Ravenborn LeBlanc skin from League of Legends.

LeBlanc a master of deception. She can use her clones and her magic to appear in multiple places at a time. She uses these abilities to manipulate those around her and get what she wants. No one knows her motives, not even the Black Rose Cabal which she is a member of.

Ravenborn LeBlanc is the epitome of high society. She throws the best parties and loves to outclass everyone else. In her best witch’s garb she is ready to punish those who try to outdo her.

13. Shadow Evelynn

Shadow Evelynn skin from League of Legends.

Evelynn is a demon disguised as a human woman that lures her victims to their death. This is not a quick merciful death though, oh no. This is a long and torturous event, but she is a demon after all. She might be having a good time, but you certainly would not.

Unfortunately this skin doesn’t get a story of it’s own, but it is everything an early 2000s emo girl wanted to be. She looks like she would be the queen of alternative MySpace.


So what do you think? Did I miss any?

I cannot wait to see what Riot does with the goth skin line in the future. I know many of us are anticipating great things from it. There are so many champions that a goth skin would really suit, plus it’s always so much fun to get new skins no matter what they are.