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11 Geeky Candles To Light Your Way Through the Long Night!

Candles make for great gifts, whether that’s treating yourself to something nice or buying it for someone you care about. The only thing that could make candles better is by making them geeky! Well, that’s exactly what this list is full of. Geeky candles to make you and everyone around you happy.

1. Color-Changing Gryffindor Candle

These candles are literally magical! Okay, maybe not so literally but they do change color which is magic enough for me. They come in such a nice jar with your house symbol on the outside and in the cork top. These jars are so nice that you can keep them after the candle has burned for a decorative storage container.

2. Dragon Egg Candles

Daenerys’ eggs are iconic! When people see them lined up they are instantly recognizable. This set features all 3 candles and will make you feel like the mother of dragons yourself. The detail in them makes them feel so real even though they’re small enough to fit on your table or bookshelf. 

3. The One Ring Glass Candle

For all the Middle-Earth Geeks, I have a great find for you. This candle’s design is inspired by the one ring to rule them all. As you burn this candle down, you will be surprised to find a gold-plated replica of the ring itself! This candle is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Unicorn Skeleton Candle

Get ready for another candle that has a hidden surprise inside. This purple unicorn is adorable and makes for a cute home accent, but when you light it is when the real magic happens. Inside this candle is a metal skeleton waiting to be revealed, taking your unicorn from precious to punk.

4. Dragon’s Blood Candle

This candle is great for classic fantasy vibes. Dragons are in most of the popular fantasy series and that makes this such a great candle for people who are into any fandom. This brand also makes other magic-inspired candles so if witches are more your thing they have something for you too!

5. Pokemon-Pokeball Soy Candles

This set of candles is inspired by the original starters with lovely scents like sweetgrass for Bulbasaur and smoked birch for Charmander. They are all-natural and made of soy so you can feel confident and guilt-free ordering these candles for anyone who loves Pokemon. These will be perfect to light while you’re playing through your favorite game.

6. Natural D20 Candles

This D20 candle will look amazing on your shelf, game table, or anywhere really. The 3 marbled color options make them look like some of your favorite dice. They’ll add so much ambiance to your game environment while staying perfectly in the theme. 

7. Star Wars Scented Candle Set

You won’t regret ordering this set of five, limited collectors-edition candles inspired by Return of the Jedi with these fun, inventive scents: Rancor, Sarlacc Pit, Jabba’s Palace, Ewok, Death Star Destroyed. With the candles, you also get a stand to keep them on, making this a unique and geeky display piece for your home. 

8. RPG Inspired Candles

Wizards Library makes an amazing collection of RPG-inspired candles. There is something for everyone in your party from ranger to wizard. There are also overarching scents such as Dungeon Crawler. These candles do the impossible, and by that I mean they will make everyone in your party happy. 

9. Leather Books Scented Candle

To all my readers out there who go to libraries and bookshops to breathe in the scent of leather-bound hardbacks, look no further. You can read from the comfort of your house with this candle and not miss out on the smell of old books. Highland Bluff Studio also offers specific book scents such as Neverland, Wonderland, Emerald City, and Buttery Brew. 

10. RIVENDELL Book Lovers’ Candle

Rivendell is a magical place and I’m sure we’ve all wondered what it would be like to be there. This candle will give you a hint of that fantasy by bringing the smell of Rivendell to your door. This vegan candle will make you feel like an elf in your own home and is perfect for your 27th LotR rewatch marathon. 

11. Geek Soy Candles

Are you an indecisive geek? You got to the bottom of this list and you just want too many different candles from different fandoms? Don’t worry I am a Gemini too. Asha’s Homemade Candles offers this bundle where you can choose 3 candles to order from a variety of fandoms. Now you can find something for everyone from Hyrule to Rivia. 

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